The Many Benefits Tess Rose Baldwin Has Come To Enjoy Through Her Many Travels and Model LifeYou look at someone like Tess Rose Baldwin(like on her Instagram page)and notice that she is living what appears to be the good life. She has close to 50 million followers and counting. You see her at sea. You see her by the pool in beautiful bathing suits. Is her life as fabulous as it looks? To her credit, it is.

“I love what I do. I get to travel to fabulous locations, and visit areas I might never see otherwise. I do live a “model” life”.

Some of you might wonder what other perks Tess Rose Baldwin enjoys(outside of traveling to exotic locations).

Here is a small breakdown of some other perks Tess enjoys.

1) She has amassed a certain degree of communication skills, as well as better posture. Look at the one where she is sunning herself on the lawn chair in a black two-piece bathing suit. Now, to the common eye, you might think her posture is poor. It is not. She has been trained to lie back in that position without slouching.

There are other images where she is lounging by herself or with a friend. Her posture is in the upright position, even when her back is arched over. Those are little things that you pick up on, but you can tell that she has had training on how to position her body so that she avoids back issues later.

Remember that it is not enough to have a good body and a pretty face. Models(like Tess) are taught how to sit, stand, and lean back.

2) She is getting a lot of free stuff. Most of the outfits she is wearing in her Instagram images are hers. That is the way it works. You showcase a piece of clothing or pair of shoes. You advertise them in the images for the company. You get to keep some of the items. The tops, the leather jackets, the hairpieces, she gets to pick and choose which ones she wants to keep.

3) As a model, you can earn anywhere from $200 a day to $1,000 a day or more to model. I am not sure how much Tess earns but based on her Instagram pictures, it is safe to assume that she earns closer to $1,000 per shoot/day.

4) You get a level of exposure you might not have otherwise(even if you only do it part-time). Tess’s exposure has led to parts in movies including Paramedics and Bored As Hell. Tess has parlayed her career way passed being a model, which is what some models want to do.

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Tess thought bigger and broader.

5) As I said before, Tess enjoys traveling the world(whether it is for a movie or modeling job). You can see by her Instagram photos how exotic some of the places are. She has traveled both domestically and internationally.

She is also granted a travel expense and stipend for her travels.

Where Can You Find Tess Rose Baldwin?

To find out more about Tess and what she is up to, you can go to her social media pages.