Desiree Schlotz, who more commonly goes by Desi, can be found on several social media outlets, though it does seem as though Instagram is her preferred outlet and the one with which she has built the biggest base of followers.

Desi has built her fan base around one big goal, to spread positivity wherever she goes. She has become a famous internet model, which has really helped launch her to success and given her an outlet in which she can spread positivity to other people all around the world. With her modeling, she is able to travel around the world and do what she loves on several different levels.

Desi’s Instagram is not just a platform used for social networking for her to share her photos and videos providing her followers with a glimpse into her personal life. It is steadily growing her following and giving her a great way to create more engagement than she can on any other social media platform as well as promote her brand several times more than other platforms have allowed her to do. The model’s large Instagram following is giving her a new way to do business and build a lifestyle brand.

She can take her smart phone with her wherever she travels around the world and post pictures from those places that fit in with her aimed content of both modeling and spreading positivity to all the people that follow her on Instagram. She has built a platform that gives her fans what they crave, a way to interact with them and show them what type of vibe she is working so hard to put out into the world.

The number of fans and followers that she has on her Instagram axxount speaks to how powerful of a tool the platform has become for her. She has people that follow her account that live in all corners of the world which means her message is being seen globally. It has awarded her the ability to be able to make larger and larger possible impacts of people of all ages and to hopefully show that life can be beautiful and positive no matter where you find yourself in the world. It has shown Desi just how powerful of a tool this social media platform really can be when it comes to spreading her personal message and what is dear to her heart as well as how powerful it can be for building a personal business and giving her an outlet to making a comfortable life for herself.

Recent mental health studies have shown that mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are at an all time high and they do not discriminate based on age or where you live in a world. Desi has seen these issues and knows that it is on the rise, specifically among the younger generations, which has been her biggest motivation beind building a brand that is designed to spread positivity and joy to as many people and across as many countries as she can. THough Instagram and other social media platforms certainly cannot make you happy or give you a way to find inner peace, she has definitely learned that it can be a tool to help others on the path to that mental place, and has vowed to work hard to build her own business while helping others find a spark of positivity in their own lives.