In a distressing turn of events, two heartless teenagers stooped to a despicable low by pilfering the hard-earned profits of an ambitious 8-year-old boy’s lemonade stand on the Upper West Side of NYC. Young Julian Lin, a budding entrepreneur, had managed to accumulate an impressive sum of up to $150 from his venture on Sunday, only to have his dreams dashed when the callous thieves struck. These remorseless individuals, who are still at large, have left the community outraged and determined to bring them to justice.

The incident occurred around 3:20 p.m. on Columbus Avenue near West 70th Street. The audacious thieves approached Julian’s stand and brazenly requested a serving of lemonade. Seizing the opportune moment when the young boy’s back was turned, they swiftly snatched the jar containing his earnings and hastily made their escape on two scooters. Julian, left empty-handed and disheartened, expressed his disillusionment with humanity, stating, “I didn’t realize that someone would want to rob an 8-year-old.”

Fortunately, not all was lost for Julian. Some of his customers had paid him using Venmo, alleviating the extent of his loss. Moreover, his resilient spirit was uplifted by the overwhelming support of his neighbors, who generously provided him with substantial tips in an effort to compensate for the stolen funds. Reflecting on this heartwarming response, Julian shared, “It made me feel good that so many people wanted to help me recover from this attack. It made me feel happy, joyful, grateful.”

Julian, known by his self-proclaimed professional moniker “Julian Business Man,” has been diligently pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors since the tender age of 4. From folding boxes at a local bakery to mopping classroom floors and assisting at a neighborhood fruit stand, he has always possessed a steadfast work ethic and a genuine passion for his craft. Resolute in his determination, Julian declared, “I love working. I love everything about it.”

Members of the local business community, who have experienced Julian’s exceptional character firsthand, remain optimistic about his future endeavors. Melanie Signh, a cashier at Epices Bakery, described him as a kind and optimistic young gentleman, asserting, “He is a business kid. I’m sure he will never stop.” Echoing this sentiment, John, the proprietor of the neighborhood fruit stand, expressed his unwavering confidence in Julian’s unwavering tenacity.

Despite the setback he faced on that fateful Sunday, Julian remains undeterred in his entrepreneurial pursuits. However, he has learned valuable lessons from the unfortunate incident. He vows to exercise greater caution by not leaving his money unattended and trusting his instincts, as he discerned the suspicious nature of the thieves due to one of them wearing a ski mask. Undeterred by this ordeal, Julian expressed his unwavering commitment to his passion for business and his love for dogs, a cause close to his heart, as 30% of his profits are donated to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Julian’s parents, regarding this unpleasant experience as a valuable teaching moment, expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support their son has received. They emphasized the importance of unity and mutual assistance during challenging times, highlighting how the community’s response has been a source of comfort for Julian. “We still look out for one another when the going gets tough, and that’s what Julian is taking away from this,” they stated.