Attracting the attention of intrigued individuals, resourceful cashiers have taken to TikTok to unveil their clever money-making tactics. These ingenious workers, who often earn modest wages, have found a way to capitalize on discarded customer receipts, effortlessly redeeming lucrative rewards from a variety of cash-back apps and websites. Utilizing the popular Fetch app, which allows users to accumulate points based on their expenditures at various retailers and fast-food establishments, these savvy employees employ the receipts left behind by customers to fraudulently claim points using their purchases.

The Fetch app cleverly utilizes receipts as a means to track rewards. When customers inadvertently leave their receipts behind after making a purchase, diligent retail and fast-food workers seize the opportunity to redeem points for their own benefit. With access to numerous receipts during their shifts, these enterprising individuals amass an impressive number of points on the Fetch app, ultimately unlocking a wide range of enticing rewards.

Take, for example, a diligent employee at a Publix grocery store in Florida, who has discovered a highly profitable side hustle thanks to forgotten receipts. This astute worker, going by the TikTok handle @thatgirl.sonti, recently divulged their innovative approach, enlightening viewers on how they deftly exploit customers’ neglected receipts to claim reward points on the Fetch app, effectively scamming them out of their potential benefits.

While the exact monetary gains achieved by these cunning individuals remain undisclosed, it appears that accumulating at least $3,000 worth of receipts is required to access a modest $25 reward redemption. In a revealing video, the TikTok user divulged their method, showcasing a collection of customer receipts left behind after purchases. Accompanying the visual evidence, a caption playfully read, “Me when you all say you don’t want y’all receipt back.”

Despite the Publix employee’s TikTok video being subsequently deleted, vigilant netizens managed to preserve the incriminating evidence, shedding light on how these grocery store employees illicitly profit by exploiting customer receipts to secure rewards on various cash-back apps.

Another revealing video emerged, featuring a McDonald’s employee from Florida, proudly displaying a fistful of unclaimed receipts. The TikTok clip suggested the intention to submit a voucher request through the Fetch app, further substantiating the widespread nature of this audacious practice. Meanwhile, a separate video depicted a smoothie store worker in Florida eagerly accumulating receipts from unsuspecting customers, poised to convert them into cash rewards through the Fetch app.

Predictably, some viewers expressed concern over the desperation exhibited by these employees, resorting to redeeming receipts for cash rewards. “It takes seven years to win a $25 gift card,” lamented one viewer in a now-deleted comment. Another person emphasized the daunting timeframe required, stating, “[It] takes five hundred years just to get a $10 gift card.”

Given these eye-opening revelations, it begs the question: should retail workers be taking customers’ receipts to redeem them for personal cash rewards?