Being born and bred in the great state of Wisconsin leaves a lasting love for the beauty and elegance of this Midwestern state. Antje Utgaard birthed a career after coming from an unlikely setting. New Richmond, Wisconsin isn’t filled with many markers of the suburban lifestyle. Growing up within the country provided Antje the sounds and serenity needed to offset a career directive. Her favoritism towards sports developed at an early age after the only choice of fan-unity presented itself in the form of the Green Bay Packers. As a true Packer backer, Antje discovered a love for cheering and promoting her beloved green and gold.

She is an athlete at heart, which led to many involvements during her schooling years. Embracing this model in part with futuristic advancements, Antje first started her career pursuits in the field of fitness modeling. She provided workout regimens and shot for sponsors that worked within the fitness modeling industry. After finding her footing within this genre of industry, she started to branch her opportunities for higher callings.

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She was cast for a few different films within the last couple of years, marking prominent roles for on-screen, box office hits. Modeling was cooled for real-time advancement of on-screen opportunities. After appearing in a couple of different flicks, her modeling career would light a fire. She began signing deals within agencies across the globe, appearing in print, traveling for conferences and events, and working to establish a steady building of online success.

Her Instagram page is the major marker for success. Her self-titled and run page holds over 1.9 million followers. Followers range from film buffs to drooling interests in her fiery imagery. The combination of sources supporting her career goals and her journey has been built in tiers. The combination of these fans has come hot and heavy over the past few years. As she continues to reinvent herself from role to role, she adds backers to her fame and fortune.

She remains very true to her roots. She often revisits her hometown to spend time with family and friends. You can never steal the heart of a true country girl, so she will never forget where she came from. Coming from such an unlikely region is marketed as something she remains blessed by. Her looks and her spunky attitude is often credited to her mother and her friends. She remains very active with fan interaction, posting video content, and piecing together photo albums of her favorite shoots. Fans love her down-to-earth attitude and her willingness to spend some time with them each and every week. Her popularity extensions will continue to rise and her opportunities that she has on the table will never run dry.