Many articles have been published citing the decline of these girls. These girls are cited for their ability to depict beauty mannerisms, behaviors, and styles in alternative manners. The punk-rock version of beauty was slatted to become a steady decline as the years went on, but Octokuro is defying the odds. She has produced many different sets that depict cosplay alternatives and beauty alternatives that tickle the fashion of her fans and faithful. Her style and approach is slightly different from the norm, but this platform has marketed her experience as the bar for how this area and genre of work can withstand the test of time.

Octokuro started to build her relevancy by procuring outfits and designs that sought interest in the world of cosplay. This involved playing dress-up with careful makeup placement and design techniques. Her depictions quickly garnished the attention of the cosplay community, marketing her efforts for viewing at venues and events. She traveled across the country igniting the fire on her career, meeting with fans, and building relationships within this area of industry. Once this traction was established, she started to work towards greater expenses of alternative relief.

Becoming a one of the girls and adapting to this frame of mind came naturally for her. She possessed some of the tactics that they of past had. She had the tattoos, the piercing, and the internal drive needed to uplift this option for career intrigue. She was marketed via punk sources, bracing the covers of magazines and finding her name deeply rooted in the long-standing history of this genre. Embracing herself was a big piece of the pie. She worked with the options she had available to her and let it drive her to the finish line.

Remaining active on social media is something that has never wavered for her. She trots most of her imagery for consent on her personal Instagram page. The page currently has over 144,000 viewers and followers. She follows a couple of hundred representatives within this industry area, which helps fans connect to the genre and keep it alive. She welcomes feedback from all angles. She often posts questionnaires that depict directives for fans to submit their influence and savvy. Talking with fans and posing for pictures is one of her favorite activities. Her downtime is spent procuring her personal website and working to catch up on fan mail and messages.

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By remaining open for conversation, she becomes an approachable figure within the industry. Her continuous efforts to keep this genre alive with never back down. The premise of her work is important for industry growth and she will not let a small impact stop her from doing what she knows is best.