It is interesting how life works out sometimes. One moment the day unfolds like any other day and the next you learn a substantial lesson. This story shows just how fascinatingly this sort of thing works out. On a perfectly normal afternoon, there is a group of teenagers goofing around near a crosswalk. They are practicing skateboarding tricks and just having a good time; they are not taking the tricks or themselves too seriously. In short, they are just enjoying what the day is providing them which is some sense of peace and a little humor. One of the teenagers happens to be recording two of the boys messing up tricks and laughing at one another when they notice a rather tense interaction at the nearby intersection.

At the intersection, the video shows a rather slow moving elderly woman trying her best to cross safely and a young businessman who appears to be in a hurry. He arrives at the intersection in his nice, good looking silver car, waits for a couple of minutes as the elderly woman takes her time crossing, and suddenly honks his car horn at her. The man who is clearly in a rush proceeds to also rev his engine after he honks the car doubling down on his request that she move along the crosswalk a little bit faster. The elderly woman is slightly rattled from the abrasive noises of the young man’s car but shuffles along as best she can. Once she reaches the front of the man’s car, however, the story takes a rather dramatic turn. The elderly woman grabs hold of her little handbag and swings the bag into the car in an extremely precise manner. The bag manages to hit the absolute perfect spot to trigger the young man’s airbag which deploys and sends him back in his seat. As the young man gets out of the car to dust himself off and inspect his car, the elderly woman shuffles along past the crosswalk and on her merry little way.

As the video ends, the group of teenagers skateboarding laughs at the strange incident occurring in front of them and the video ends with a few key points. The teenagers on the sidewalk skateboarding and goofing off laughing, the young businessman inspecting his expensive silver car, and an elderly woman shuffling along on her way. The video is only about a minute long and has already received quite a bit of attention with the viral video already garnering over five million views and almost five thousand likes. The story, while short, manages to teach a few simple lessons of the day. The teenagers that were having fun skateboarding and enjoying the day caused no trouble for the elderly woman or the young business because they were simply enjoying what the day provided while the real conflict was between an elderly woman and a hasty young man. It is important to remember to take things as they come and enjoy life to the best of your abilities. Whatever the day may bring, you can never be too sure that karma will surely avoid you so treat people with patience and a little bit of kindness. It will go a long way in the end.