The Makeover Guy has done it again, transforming another average woman into a bombshell. Tori was struggling with her self-confidence prior to her Makeover and her results are breath-taking to say the least. This is an inspiring example of a woman finding her own personal beauty. Just before meeting the Makeover Guy, Tori had been struggling with low self-esteem that was even affecting her personal life. We all have our personal hobbies that bring us enrichment and fulfillment. Some turn to gardening, while others take up reading novels. For Tori, the food that has always nourished her soul is art. Tori has always loved making art and embarking on creative ventures. In recent years, however, she has come across a feeling of loss for creativity that it was difficult for her to put into words. At the age of 50, she was overcome with the sentiment of being at a loss. Something had to give.

Christopher was just the beacon of hope that Lori was seeking, as his primary occupation is bringing women new-found self-confidence through makeovers. He is also known as the Makeover Guy. Addressed by the full name Christopher Hopkins, this Youtube celebrity is famous for conducting inspiring makeover transformations on his show “Appearance Studios.” In addition to his notable makeover achievements, he has also authors a book, titled “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.” This has helped him to reach and assist an older population of customers. Lori’s transformation is breath-taking to say the least. First of all, Christopher showcased Lori’s beautiful curly hair. He took her look from long, glowing curls to bouncy, lively curly hair. He upped the energy on Lori’s curls with just a simple cut.

The makeup he adorned Lori with was are-inspiring. He has truly shed a light on Lori’s eyes with a thick dark longer and brought a youthfulness to her complexion with a rosy blush. Christopher has plumper Lori’s lips with beautiful reddish-pink gloss, too. The moment that Lori sees her reflection in the mirror, she opens up to show a bold new personality. She tides around her hair, initially, surprised by the change in length. You notice on video the instant that Lori shifts her attention from her hair to her face and the smile that suddenly overcomes her is best-wrenching to watch. This woman goes from a timid, self-monitoring demeanor to that of a joyful, outgoing woman. She simply cannot help but boast an enormous smile when she sees how lovely she has become. Without a doubt, one of the most amazing posts of this story is not just how much prettier Lori looks, but how happy it makes her to undergo this beautiful transformation. Lori’s personality was just waiting to come out and shine. It took finding the services of someone as talented as Christopher to know which look would give Lori exactly what she needed to renew her sense of hope. It isn’t just about having a pretty face or wearing the right makeup. True beauty also comes from within, as those who are happy with their looks like Lori is now can beautiful a room just with their smile.