In a resolute move to safeguard America’s border security, Rep. Morgan Luttrell, hailing from the great state of Texas and the brother of the iconic “Lone Survivor” hero, Marcus Luttrell, took a bold step on Thursday, January 31. With unwavering determination, he unveiled a crucial bill that could potentially change the game along the US-Mexico border. This groundbreaking legislation, aptly titled the “Defend Our Borders from Armed Invaders Act,” seeks to empower the National Guard troops deployed at the border with the authority to employ lethal force against any “armed invaders” attempting to breach our nation’s sovereignty.

While the full text of the bill remains shrouded in secrecy, its description provides a glimpse into its vital mission. The bill’s primary objective is to grant the National Guard the necessary authority to repel individuals bearing weapons who are attempting to enter the United States from Mexico. This resolute stance is a testament to Rep. Luttrell’s unwavering dedication to preserving the security of our nation.

In a statement issued by Rep. Luttrell’s office, the purpose of this legislation was underscored: “Congressman Morgan Luttrell (R-TX) introduced the Defend Our Borders from Armed Invaders Act in the United States House of Representatives. This legislation would authorize the National Guard to escalate force as necessary to repel an armed individual attempting to illegally cross the United States border from Mexico.”

Rep. Luttrell passionately argued that this bill has become imperative in the face of mounting violence along the border, exacerbated by the escalating involvement and audacity of criminal cartels. He emphasized, “Cartels and smugglers are thriving at our wide-open border. We’re witnessing a surge in violent crime at the border, which is spilling over into our communities. President Biden’s policies have created an untenable national security crisis.”

Furthermore, Rep. Luttrell asserted that the powers vested in this bill are crucial to preventing armed cartel members from infiltrating our borders. He firmly stated, “This legislation is a decisive step in the right direction, granting the National Guard the authority to halt armed individuals from crossing into the United States by any means necessary.”

The introduction of this bill comes at a time when concerns over border security have reached an all-time high. In a harrowing revelation, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Chris Olivarez shared alarming images in August 2023, captured from a drone. These images depicted an armed man guiding illegal immigrants across the border in the Shelby Park area, a region currently embroiled in a dispute between the federal government and Governor Greg Abbott.

In a Twitter post, Olivarez described the unsettling scene: “@TxDPS Texas Rangers UAS (Drone) Operators in #EaglePass conducted a patrol flight in #ShelbyPark. Operators observed a male carrying a long gun (possibly an AR platform) guiding a group of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande. The unidentified male made it back to Mexico. Operators provided GPS coordinates to #USBP Agents & authorities in Mexico. #OperationLoneStar.”

Similarly, a shocking incident in November 2023 captured footage of armed cartel members patrolling the border. This deeply unsettling development has rattled the nerves of many Americans, underscoring the ominous threat posed by cartel dominance in the border region. For a detailed report on this unsettling footage, tune in to the Fox News Channel.

In these challenging times, Rep. Morgan Luttrell’s unwavering commitment to our nation’s security shines brightly. With the “Defend Our Borders from Armed Invaders Act,” he seeks to fortify our defenses, ensuring that the safety and sovereignty of the United States remain uncompromised in the face of mounting threats.