Spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the scene of young people frolicking and free. This is a notorious springtime celebration for youth, and is often a display of exuberance that is the realm of those up-and-coming adults who are straddling this intoxicating age of life.

A group of young women are capturing the energy and power of this time in their life by assuming the responsibility toward their local beaches, after spring break revelers have gone home, to bring the environs of these beaches back to the wild purity of which they deserve. These young women call themselves the Bikini Beach Cleanup Group.

Rather than viewing this rescue of wild places as drudgery, these young women, clad in the attire that celebrates their own autonomy and natural essence, are compelled to ensure these same attributes with the beaches that host these celebrations.

Youth is the time of energy. Initiating this conscientious form of partying effusion of responsibility toward nature without abandoning their own joyous temperament, has become a model worthy of attention. Their personal business and social lives expand into maturity as entrepreneurs and social media participators.

Instead of taking on the somber tediousness of custom that turns vibrant humanity into imposed-upon service at the same time it equally destroys wild places, these women are combining the joy of life with the validity of nature. The leaders of this group are @soashleymarie, @salila_thuy, and @nayitavp. Enthusiasm is attractive and attract others, they do. Their peers are positively motivated to take up their role of trustworthy members in community; and this surely includes care of the beaches of Fort Lauderdale.

The responsibility for stewardship is acceptance of one’s role in life. Trash is indicative of modern local culture. The trash left behind on beaches include the ubiquitous plastic products mixed in with unimaginable man-made products that are harmful to wildlife, people, and the natural environment within which both live. The decadence of this type of deportment is frankly contrary to the wholesome youthfulness of the self-motivated clean-up crew, who are acting from the highest senses of humanity, rollicking in their own joie de ve.

This joy of life is the spirit that reflects the naturalness of not only the local beaches, but also the luxuriousness of life. To compromise this reality with cans, bottles, beer rings, clothing, shoes, and any of the other garbage is strictly unhealthy for the environment that directly impacts people. Beaches are harmed by the garbage that promotes imbalances and unanticipated changes. This results from the chemical changes of the trash that compromises ph of water. Acid rain is a particularly obvious result.

The obvious effrontery toward marine life can result from pollution run off from miles up the coastline. Attention created by the Bikini Beach Cleanup Group has drawn the interest of other people, as much by the artless elegance of explosion into responsible sensibility devoid of prudery, as the mirroring respect of the environment that is the figurative reflection of buoyant young humanity.