The very lovely Luiza with her brunette flowing hair and wearing a pink bathing suit top and black bottom guides us on a fishing adventure in the Bahamas. She and Captain Jimmy Nelson take a charter boat from West End Water Sports, captained by Kenneth Christie. West End Water Sports is so named because it is based Old Bahama Bay that is on the west end of Grand Bahama and only about 50 miles from Florida.

Luiza and crew are not going out with fishing poles for what they intend to catch. Their tools are the Hawaiian Sling, which is used to skewer fish and other game animals with a harpoon-like metal rod. They have special gloves that are useful for pulling lobsters out of their hidey holes. Of course, a good pair of flippers for the feet and snorkel gear are excellent for the fishing Luiza and Capt Jimmy will be doing.

Their first goal is to catch conch. Conch are animals that inhabit shells and crawl around on the ocean floor. This part is easy. Captain Christie takes them to an area where conch is plentiful. According to Capt Jimmy, he is able to catch all the conch they need in about 3 minutes. It is a simple matter of getting in the water and picking them off of the sandy floor. With about a dozen conchs collected, it is time to go to the grassy flats in search of Lobster.

Luiza gets in on this. She takes the Hawaiian Sling and shoots a lobster. She triumphantly returns to the surface waving her catch in the air. Catching lobs.ter with the sling is not necessarily the favorite way to get at this crustacean. Capt Jimmy prefers to use his hands. He uses the sling to maneuver lobsters so he can get at them better. It did come in useful for catching a certain fish known as a Trigger Fish, however. These fish have rather flat bodies and are roundish oval in shape. Capt Jimmy took careful aim at one such fish and tagged it immediately. In another case, the fish swam away with the metal rod in him. Jimmy had to follow the fish till it collapsed and he was able to claim his prize.

It was high time for Luiza and the crew to head off to where they can eat their catch. The small uninhabited island of Sandy Kew was just right for the purpose. From not far in the air one could see them and survey the entire island and the many stingrays in the shallow waters surrounding the island.

With the catch in hand, Capt Jimmy demonstrated the best way to prepare and clean lobster. He went over how to get at Conch in their shells and how to remove the black parts that are no good for eating. He also demonstrated how to filet a triggerfish with a fillet knife that was too dull. He ended up using his trusty divers’ knife to get the job done. Capt Kenneth demonstrated how to make conch salad. Conch salad is a Bahama specialty that incorporates tomato, bell pepper, onion, diced conch, and covered with lime juice to freshen it up.

All in all, Luiza really enjoyed her fishing expedition and would recommend the same to anyone.