If it weren’t for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein would not have been able to traffic countless young girls into his sex ring. Although Maxwell may not be charged with all of the crimes she has committed against countless underage girls, she was convicted of sexual abuse and sentenced to 20 years in prison. However, Maxwell was hoping to avoid her prison sentence by filing an appeal with the help of her estranged husband who had a lot of money.

Scott Borgerson, 46, married Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, in secret back in 2016 and now controls her entire fortune because she transferred her wealth into a trust fund before she was arrested in 2020. Borgerson ended his relationship with Maxwell during a phone call to the New York prison where she was being held, awaiting her trial.

If Maxwell wants to get out of jail without spending twenty years there, she’s going to need money. Borgerson has not paid the $900,000 in legal fees or the $1 million required to challenge Maxwell’s conviction, meaning she is alone in prison.

If Borgerson doesn’t give the millions of dollars to Maxwell’s legal team, they won’t have enough money to contest her conviction by January. Given her age and the severity of crimes, it’s likely that she will die in prison serving time for sex crimes against underage girls.

Borgerson’s close circle believes that he is stalling their divorce to keep her from getting money.

“He thinks if he drags it out, she will give him most of the money,” a close friend of the couple said. “She is in jail… not much she can do from there.”

Borgerson’s behavior might have another explanation according to a legal source. The source claims that Borgerson doesn’t trust Maxwell’s legal team and is unwilling to give them lots of money knowing they won’t be able to use it efficiently.

“He doesn’t trust what Maxwell’s lawyers are telling him.”

Maxwell and Borgerson met for the first time in 2013 while they were both traveling to Iceland. Before this, Maxwell had been married to Ted Waitt- a billionaire from San Diego. However, their relationship ended poorly and left her wealth susceptible. At the time that Maxwell approached Borgerson about marriage, he was already married to his first wife Rebecca and had two young children with her.

When Maxwell and Borgerson got married, she gave him all her money.

“Her brothers were astonished to find out that not only was she married, but she had made all her money over to Scott,” according to a source close to the family.

Borgerson never went to see Maxwell while she was incarcerated, and he also did not bother to show up for her court hearings.

Huddon, Morgan, and Foreman are a Colorado law firm that represented her in court and has now filed a lawsuit demanding $900,000. The courtroom details revealed how Maxwell had received millions of dollars from Epstein over time. Borgerson claimed that this was just another case of “fake news.”