Becoming a dual-purpose entity for the world to enjoy is something that takes high focus in multiple facets of work. For Anna Katharina, the levels of focus and determination came naturally.

She was a ballerina for over 17 years, amassing accolades and high praises along the way. This early start was all the push she needed to expand these efforts into a modeling career.

Being established as a ballerina and dancer, there was a high focus on the world of fitness. Staying fit and maintaining fitness levels helped Katharina withstand nearly two decades of dance excellence. This same focus was applied to her first career achievements.

She started with modeling by applying for a few magazine shoots. After a few sources claimed her work, she started receiving more and more attention. Over the course of her early beginnings, Katharina modeled for Viva Glam, B-authentique, and other major production companies. After pumping brands for the first few involvement years, Anna decided to work towards other ideals.

She took to fitness with ease, being that fitness and good health was a requirement for strong-standing as a member of ballerina troupes. She started to run her own fitness programs and classes via online portals and partnerships.

She became a Bang Energy girl within her early development stages, setting the tone for getting her name out to the general public. This general growth helped to set the stage for her fitness visions. She started her own self-titled website. The website was filled with elegant designs and filled with multiple content ideas. Anna shared her personal journey with her visitors, provided life-changing nutrition and food models for users, and shared the secret sauce to her workout routines. This website was packed with content and the design exceeded the standard for web design.

Fans really took to her fitness programs and prerogatives, shelling out over 1.3 million in following on her Instagram page. Her website is also filled with personal testimonials that have been shared by her users, bringing her workout regimens and plans to life.

The stories that are shared within her fan base are accompanied by a forum for continued success searching. This forum is built with users that support Anna’s work, have a passion for fitness, or just enjoy the idea of working with others to solve a common goal. The community aspect of her fan base brings all of her work together and showcases the faithful nature of her fans.

Her ‘Get Fit Guide’ has trended near the top of all model productions for this space. Gaining such high regard in the world of fitness helped to set the tone for modeling gigs.

Anna now travels across the globe, promoting her brand, her company, and other partnership endeavors. Being able to work across the country and spread messages of positivity is something that Katharina enjoys the most. Personal message delivery is at the top of her achievements, which helps to improve the level of interaction and forward behavior she shows to her loving fans.