In our current era, it’s commonplace for a female to be a mechanic. But what about if she loves fashion too? At an Oakland auto body store, many male customers thought that 25-year-old Peyton Cicconi was not fit to do her job because of her stylishness and beauty. Despite the laborious duties associated with working in this shop as a mechanic, over the last five years she has spent more than $6K on three-inch nails – simply refusing to shorten them down; demonstrating that you can be both fashionable and successful at your profession!

Alongside her vehicle-related accomplishments, Cicconi has also been a model in the fashion industry – featuring for brands like Killstar and Vera’s Eyecandy. In one of her more daring shoots, she is shown fixing engines and installing new wheels with fishnet stockings and miniskirts! It showcases how powerful women are when they set their minds to something.

“When I started my automotive technician course, I was the only woman in my entire class of 100 people. It was also hard to have employers take me seriously. My school principal would be calling managers telling them I was capable of suspension jobs, and they would still be hesitant to have a woman at their shop.”

Despite the fact that she looks like a goddess, this mechanic is passionate about cars and has been since she was a “baby.”

“I used to love playing with hot wheels with my twin brother,” she stated. “I started having fun and customizing my nail polish colors to match my cars and trucks’ paint, so I guess it just took off after that.”

Just as her love for cars flourished over the years, so did her passion for nails.

“I slowly started getting my nails longer every time I went to get a new set done,” Peyton said. “It took many sets of broken nails and trial and error to figure out the best way to work with them.”

Despite her affection for them, many people in the auto repair field were expressing their contempt towards her nails.

“It felt so unfair, and I felt alone,” she said. “I was depressed at one point and didn’t know if I should keep my nails. [But] my videos of me working in nails have started a worldwide movement of confident women that aren’t afraid to embrace their feminine side.”

Contrary to what conservatives may think, Peyton believes that “women are so teachable and great learners when it comes to automotive mechanics. Women definitely feel more trusting coming to a mechanic like me. ‘They know I’m not going to overcharge them or scam them just because of their gender.”

Social media is abuzz with admiration for Peyton Cicconi, who has mastered the art of working as a mechanic while keeping her long nails intact.

“How did you do it with talons,” one person said.

“Awesome job, gorgeous,” someone else added.

Another person wrote, “Love how you do it with heels and nails.”