Tragedy struck the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, England after a fatal accident involving a massive wardrobe and 21-year-old Chloe Haynes. The young social media personality had woken up during the night to use the restroom, only to pull on what she mistook for a door handle – unaware that it was actually attached to an immovable piece of furniture. With one tug too many, her life was suddenly cut short by its crushing weight.

The emergency services were called to Haynes’ aid due to fears for her safety, yet they discovered the 19-year-old deceased in the historic hotel room at 6:27 am. Her mother, Nicola Williams (49 years of age), stated that after a late night out on the town and being disoriented upon returning home, she had mistakenly assumed that the wardrobe door was actually an entrance into the en suite bathroom – only for it to tumble onto her daughter as soon as she stepped forward.

Williams, a resident of Wrexham in North Wales, stated: “Chloe left Pwllheli around 7.40 pm, and they went to the Adelphi. There was some sort of engagement party or something. By midnight, she had been drinking shots and so on, and she was a bit drunk, so her friend took her back to the hotel to sleep it off, and then he’s gone back out. It seems she has got up out of the bed confused, not knowing where she is, and she’s opened the door of the wardrobe may be thinking it is the toilet or the door to go back out of the room. It was a big, old, heavy wardrobe, and it’s fallen on her and crushed her windpipe.”

Williams informed that Haynes’s pal returned to the hotel room late in the evening, only to be met with a shocking sight: The 21-year-old victim was crushed beneath an immense piece of furniture. She could scarcely believe her eyes when she saw the young woman trapped under a wardrobe that had fallen during their sleep.

With a desperate cry for help, two nearby men sprinted to Haynes’ aid and lifted off the wardrobe. Unfortunately, even with emergency services on-site attempting resuscitation, it was too late; no amount of effort could revive the young socialite from her untimely demise.

Williams continued, “She loved animals. She had a little dog called Archie she was obsessed with. There are so many photos of them together.

“My little nickname for her was birdy. She was so petite and little, and when she ate, she was like a little bird. She was quiet. She was somebody who didn’t speak unless it needed saying. But in the last twelve months, she was coming out of her shell, she was gaining her confidence, and she had a wide circle of friends. She was kind and caring, and she seemed to connect with gay men, and that was how she met the friend she went to Liverpool with.”

We offer our thoughts and prayers to this young woman and her family during this difficult time.