Dealing with odors in the home can be very frustrating. Some of the inexpensive products at stores just mask the odor with something harsher. The sprays can actually have an uncomfortable chemical smell. The sprays that work better are usually incredibly expensive and do not always last for very long. This can leave you wondering what to do in order to get rid of pet or stale odors throughout the house. A woman named Jen recently decided to share her recipe for a do-it-yourself air and fabric freshener that will get rid of most unpleasant odors.

This project requires just a few supplies. The most important and most expensive is a box of the small detergent beads that have appeared in stores lately. Downy Unstoppables is one example brand. You can actually use any brand as long as there are no fabric softeners mixed in with the detergent beads. Put a quarter cup of the detergent beads into a small bucket. Drop in four tablespoons of baking soda. Finish with two cups of boiling water. Stir everything together thoroughly and allow it to sit for half an hour or until everything dissolves.

Pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle using a funnel. You can now spray the solution on fabrics, on carpets or into the air to create a fresh scent that lasts. Every batch of the mixture costs under a dollar to make. One problem to be aware of is that the baking soda might not dissolve fully. It could fall to the bottom of the spray bottle and clog things up. If this happens, then use one to two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in your next batch instead of baking soda.