Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, and aliens have been part of popular culture for several decades now. Dozens of different mythologies have sprouted up about what could be in the skies. One of the most recent and enduring stories is about a base known as Area 51. This is technically a base run by the United States Air Force. It was intended to be a secret location. That is not unusual for the military. The difference is that people have been claiming the base is home to live aliens and captured UFOs for some time.

Art Bell runs a show called Coast to Coast AM. The show deals with many topics such as the supernatural, aliens and UFOs. Bell is notorious for receiving calls from fans that usually involve outlandish claims. One man famously called in 1997 warning of imminent doom and a broader conspiracy theory. The man called the show frantically crying. He claimed to be a former employee of Area 51 who was fired due to medical reasons. The caller claimed that Area 51 was home to a diabolical race of extra-dimensional beings. He stated that the beings have infiltrated the military and the government. The call ends abruptly in the middle.

No one is sure who made the call or why. The claims cannot be substantiated. Some have pointed out that it might be a hoax by some people or by Art Bell himself to improve ratings. The recording is widely known within the UFO community. A major problem with believing the man is that he predicted massive disasters and the fall of cities soon afterwards. It has now been almost 20 years and nothing like what he described has happened.