This mother probably thought it was fine to leave her child unattended in a vehicle while she went out to get drunk at a club.

A 26-year-old mother, Samantha Grace Vaughan, went to a club just to get her drunk spouse home and get him out. However, when she returned to her automobile with her sleeping kid inside, she was shocked to see cops approaching it.

The police attempted to arrest this intoxicated Texas mother for leaving her child in the vehicle and attempting to drive while intoxicated, but she fought them off. She cursed at them and showed how racist she is by using racial epithets against these cops.

After leaving her kid in a vehicle while going into a club, she has proven to be up to no good. It was past midnight when she arrived. The question is how she ended up being the one to consume shots of alcohol when she was supposed to check on her intoxicated spouse.

She simply abandoned the kid and drove away, intending to drive while intoxicated.

According to the arrest warrant, this mother from Copperas Cove, Texas claimed she intentionally left her baby in the car and went into the club before taking alcoholic sips. It was also mentioned that while police were capturing her, she fought them and used racial epithets in an attempt to belittle them. As a result, they had no choice but to subdue her as she began to show violent tendencies.

According to her mug shots, she has a tattooed face that grins for the jail camera. Her blood alcohol levels were also tested by the cops. She was found to be far above the permitted limit to operate a vehicle, with her blood-alcohol level clocked at 0. 148. The Copperas Cove Police Department used a breathalyzer machine to determine her blood-alcohol level, which was 0. 148 percent.

The legal limit in Texas is still only 0.08, which means Vaughans has well over twice the permitted level.

During a night out, Cynthia Vaughan was driving her infant around while intoxicated and left him unattended as she consumed more alcohol. The cops are concerned that she is not qualified to care for the kid. She was simply irresponsible and neglectful to an extent that it was inexcusable. Aside from that, calling the police officers who only arrived at the scene racists did not justify being treated in such a manner.

Even though Vaughan smelled of alcohol, she still denied drinking to the cops. However, no matter how she tells her own tale, the lab results reveal a different story. She is now facing charges not only for deserting her child but also for putting the children’s lives in danger.

Whatever your age or experience, becoming a parent is a huge responsibility. Living life while we are still young is fine as long as we do not forget our responsibilities and obligations as a mother or father. Driving under the influence poses a risk to both your own safety and that of others.