There are times when a doctor is wrong about a diagnosis. Miracles happen that medical professionals and parents can’t foresee. Dylan Askin is considered a miracle at only 3 years old.

The young boy has battled a lung cancer almost since he was born. Shortly before doctors told his parents to take him off of life support and tell their son goodbye, a miracle took place. Kerry and Mike sat with their son while he was in his hospital bed, praying for something to happen so that their son would live.

They had to make a heart-breaking decision of whether to leave him on life support or take him off of the machines. Dylan’s organs were failing as the cancer was taking over his body.

Dylan was diagnosed with the cancer on Christmas of 2015. On Good Friday, doctors recommended that the tubes and medications be removed. Oxygen levels were decreasing, and the young boy was declining at a rapid pace. The parents thought about Dylan’s siblings and whether they were being selfish in wanting to keep their son alive.

They decided that it would be best to let their son pass away and not suffer any longer. Kerry looked at her son and saw movement in his little body. Doctors quickly entered the room and told the parents that his organs weren’t failing like they thought.

Dylan’s parents knew that it was God who let their son live and be the vibrant boy he is today.