Gordon Ramsay has fans across the world. His brash style and ever-growing stable of reality shows ensures that new viewers are always discovering him.

Whether he’s starring in England’s Kitchen Nightmares and profiling failing restaurants or repeating the successful formula in the United States, he is always judging the cooking skills of other chefs.

Unfortunately for Ramsay, his cooking abilities got their own judgement from a Thai cook. In 2009, while filming British hit The F Word, Ramsay attempted to serve up a dish of Pad Thai. He talked about his love of Thai food and headed to a Buddhist monastery to cook for the monks there.

After letting Executive Chef Chang explain a few of the best dishes at his award-winning Blue Elephant restaurant, Ramsay got to work. As he normally does on the show, he walked viewers through the process of making the meal.

He added a few of his favorite spices while Chef Chang looked on.

Even early on, it was clear that Chang was not amused. He had a dour expression on his face as he watched Ramsay toss spiced prawns and flavor his dish.

When the dish was finished, Chang took a bite and made a repulsed face. Ramsay defended his cooking, but Chang insisted the dish wasn’t proper Pad Thai.

Not too many have the guts to stand up to Gordon Ramsay, but Thai Chef Chang wasn’t backing down from his defense of authentic Thai food.