As if it wasn’t unusual enough to watch a show that revolves around people popping pimples and lumps, the latest patient on TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper caused an even more resounding stir among viewers! From cysts to gunk, everyone follows in adoration as they bear witness to Dr. Sandra Lee’s never-ending quest of popping out gross surprises from our bodies – who knew something like this could be so captivating?

For years, a thirty-seven-year-old American man named Victor had been dealing with a growth on his chest which he initially considered to be nothing more than an innocuous pimple. In an attempt to rid himself of this nuisance, he popped it and assumed that the situation was solved – however, what Victor didn’t realize is that this would only be the beginning.

As the pimple grew, it resembled a giant bouncy ball nestled in his chest. Soon enough, he lovingly gave it the name “Larry The Lump” as there was no concealing him now. Though this lump had been an integral part of his life for some time, recently he has decided that it is finally time to send Larry on his way and bid farewell forever!

When Dr. Sandra Lee initially examined Larry the Lump, she assumed it was a harmless tumor that would be easy to remove and nothing further to need to worry about for Victor. All would soon return as normal once extracted. I’m positive she was thinking to herself, “What took you so long, Victor? This thing is huge!”

Dr. Lee had to be particularly cautious while making the incision; due to its proximity to his heart and lungs, she wanted him shielded from any harm. When Dr. Lee opened it up, however, what met her eyes was not a benign tumor but rather an immense cyst needing drainage.

A putrid mass of dark grey or black sludge poured through the aperture like a snake emerging from a burrow. One Twitter user exclaimed, “Dr. Pimple Popper videos are normally not an issue for me to watch…but ‘Larry the Lump’ was too much! When Dr Lee squeezed it out, it looked exactly like doggy droppings – absolutely revolting! I had to swiftly skip that part”. She wasn’t alone; many others shared her sentiments.

TV and social media audiences were both taken aback when Victor’s chest started oozing black gunk – something no one had ever witnessed before! On Dr. Pimple Popper’s torso, all of the skin cells lay flat provoking negative reactions from people everywhere.

Despite it being some of the grossest pus or gunk ever witnessed by a fan, let’s be honest – isn’t that why they tuned in to begin with? This revolting and magnetizing content is exactly what tune-in viewers desire. It’s irresistible viewing material for the smash hit TLC show!

Dr. Lee skillfully attended to Victor’s chest, and he was evidently pleased that the bothersome lump had been taken care of at long last. He may have wished it hadn’t taken so many years for him to get this done – in order to keep his unfortunate condition an inconspicuous secret – but better late than never!