Despite no weapon being found near the body, the mysterious death of an aide to President Bill Clinton with ties to Jeffrey Epstein has been officially determined as a suicide.

Mark Middleton, a 59-year-old veteran of the Clinton White House in the ’90s, was tragically discovered deceased on May 2nd, 2022 at Heifer Ranch in Perryville Arkansas.

A year after Middleton’s passing, a police report obtained this week revealed the businessman was found with an extension cord around his neck and a gunshot wound to his chest. He had been tied to a tree.

“I could see the male was obviously deceased,” Deputy Jeremy Lawson of the Perry County Sheriff’s Department described his dreadful experience upon arriving at the gruesome scene.

Significantly, Lawson’s report accounts for the fact that officers observed a gun case and three boxes of buckshot in Middleton’s BMW SUV, yet there was no weapon visible.

Prior to his death, the father of two worked in his family’s HVAC business. But before that, he led a much more extravagant life as special adviser to President Clinton and assistant to Mack McLarty, who was then Chief of Staff.

Middleton was noted to have granted convicted sex offender Epstein access to the White House seven out of his 17 total visits, according to the Daily Mail. Registries also indicate he flew on one of Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” planes.

In 1995, Middleton exited the White House. Surprisingly enough, a year later he was placed under scrutiny after an investigation showed that his executive access had been abused as he attempted to become a successful international dealmaker. The Los Angeles Times reported on this story soon afterward.

After Middleton’s family, which consists of his devoted wife and two adult daughters, pleaded to the judge about their worry over explicit pictures and video recordings from the crime scene potentially going public, the official report was released.

In June 2022, the Arkansas Times revealed that Circuit Judge Alice Gray had ruled to keep visual content private, but nonetheless make any report accessible per the Freedom of Information Act.

Since Middleton’s death, some online conspiracy theorists have attempted to link him to the “Clinton Body Count,” a far-right theory that Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for murdering political opponents.

The suspect theory began to gain notoriety after the stunning and unexpected suicide of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster in 1993.

When Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in August 2019, conspiracy theorists were incensed. Then-President Donald Trump even retweeted an accusation that the Clintons had overseen a cover-up of their alleged connections to the sex offender.