When someone states that creatures do not possess thoughts and emotions, it is clear they have led a sheltered life. In the past decades, this belief was widely accepted as true; however, now we are fully aware of how wrong this perspective is. As more evidence reveals animals can think, feel and form attachments in a similar manner to humans – it is obvious that legal measures must be taken to protect them from mistreatment or other terrible situations.

This video proves that animals, not just humans, have emotions and form strong familial connections. Animals of various species exhibit emotional intelligence based on their development; for example, dolphins are widely known to be intelligent creatures similar to primates. It is almost impossible not to feel moved upon watching a herd of elephants in the wild – this footage might even cause us to reevaluate hunting these majestic creatures solely for sport in underdeveloped countries.

As you witness this poignant moment, it is vital to bear in mind that these elephants are partaking in a funeral procession for their dead calf. When forest ranger Parveen Kaswan stumbled upon and recorded this exceptional demonstration of intellect and emotion back at the Indian Foreign Service in June 2019, he could have never anticipated what happened next – his footage went viral! He was completely taken aback by the heartfelt display of grief amongst these majestic mammoths – it was so familiarly human-like.

Kaswan’s heartbreaking video of the elephants carrying their dead calf for a proper funeral ceremony moved thousands. Clearly, these surviving elephants are grieving over their lost family member who had brought such delight and love to all of their lives. The emotion captured in Kaswan’s footage became so viral that it made tens of thousands weep with sorrow alongside him. Grieving a lost child is what it must feel like for the elephant herd when one of their young passes away. They stop all traffic in India, honoring the deceased as its parent carries it through the roadway with a trunk lovingly wrapped around its body. The emotional display brings everyone to tears and serves as a reminder that such tragic loss affects us all no matter the species or place.

Kaswan said, “This will move you! Funeral procession of the weeping elephants carrying the dead body of the child elephant. The family just don’t want to leave the baby.”

His powerful words are only reinforced by the footage. As the elephant walks across the asphalt, it respectfully places its young calf’s body at the side of the road. Then another elephant appears from between trees and greenery to join in mourning for their loss that is slowly moving along this path.

It is impossible to fathom the anguish in an elephant’s heart, yet it is painfully evident that these elephants have suffered a tremendous loss. This tragedy transcends species boundaries and evokes sorrow from both animals and humans alike.