On Sunday evening, Adam Klotz, a Fox News meteorologist, was heading back from the Giants-Eagles NFL playoff game when he had an unexpected encounter with a group of teens on the New York City subway. When he saw that they were smoking and using their lighter to assault an elderly man, Klotz stepped in to protect him – which ultimately led to his own physical attack at their hands.

Sadly, nobody assisted Klotz as he was attacked and the young assailants were apprehended; yet when their parents arrived to collect them, they were released. On the other hand, Klotz suffered from his wounds necessitating his being hospitalized. To observe the aftermath of this episode and listen further about what happened you can watch the video below.

Once the parents of the three teenagers showed up to take them home, they were let go without any charges filed against them. An NYPD representative said, “Juvenile reports were prepared, and their parents were called to pick them up.”

Klotz discussed the incident with FOX Business, remarking that “What happened was this group of teens, I’d say seven or eight of them, were lighting a joint and then kept the lights on and put it in this older man’s hair, and it went up like a matchbook. His whole head was just on fire.”

The elderly man was in a frenzy attempting to extinguish the blaze, when Klotz exclaimed, “You can’t do that.” The teenagers immediately shifted their focus from the older man to Klotz.

Klotz detailed how the teenagers goaded him to start a fight, but he decided otherwise and changed subway cars. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop them from chasing after him and launching an assault.

Klotz expressed no surprise that the other travelers didn’t come to his defense. Unfortunately, they had witnessed what happened when he attempted to speak up and protect the elder man – retribution. Thus, it was a risky proposition for anyone else involved to step in on Klotz’s behalf. He stated, “What did we gain? I got beat up. I went to the hospital. They went home.”

In the face of danger, Klotz professed to feel a sense of equanimity throughout his attack. To learn more about what he went through, watch the video below!

Despite continuing to ride the Subway, Klotz knows that something must be done in regards to punishing those who commit criminal acts on it. As of now, there is a lack of repercussions for these actions and this needs to shift if we wish for our public transportation systems to remain secure. He said, “What I want is some sort of change.” He continued, “I don’t want this to happen to somebody else.” His suggestion is to “put some cops down there” in the subway.