There was drama in Mustang, Oklahoma after an enraged father beat up a man at a bus stop. The man’s child had complained about the indecent behavior the man had each time he would jog past the bus stop. The beaten-up man, Michael Coghill, a 33-year-old, is a minister at the local Lakehoma Church of Christ. The alleged church minister on his early morning jogs would occasionally stop at the bus stop and interact with the children before they went to school. This point is where he met his victim and knew the exact time to show up for his indecent acts.

It’s amazing how the dad had acted cool when the boy told him the story because he wanted to catch him in the act. Lisa Ward, a witness who saw the whole event happen said, “I thought Michael was a typical morning jog enthusiast in our neighborhood.” Her daughters, who usually wait at the same bus stop, were lucky not to encounter the boy’s fate. On that fateful Wednesday morning, armed with a phone camera to film the suspect in action, the father waited in his car. According to Sgt. Dillon Quirk, “the suspect ran past the dad’s car, past the bus stop, made a U-turn after a couple of meters, and headed towards the children. Unknowingly of what awaited him, he went ahead to do his usual indecent act.” This point is where the furious father ran down to the stop, faced Coghill, and bashed his face.

The police showed up minutes later only to find a severely beaten-up man. They placed Michael Coghill under arrest and took him to Oklahoma County Detention Center. He got charged with one account of the pedophilic act, and the police have issued a statement urging any other victims to come forward. The church where Coghill worked has also come out to sympathize with the family and condemned the act by saying they got the shock of their lives. They highlighted that when they took in Coghill, his background check came out clean, and over his time at the church, no complainant had come forward. They also went ahead to say that they would hold a meeting to discuss the way forward and said they would cooperate with the authorities.

It’s the responsibility of each parent to ensure the security of their children gets maintained. We live in an era where sexual predation cases are common, thus the need to stay vigilant. The brave act this father displayed gives a message to parents out there that society can curb these vices. These sexual predators take advantage of children who lack the parenting figures in their life by pretending to care. The boy got lucky that his father paid attention; otherwise, the situation would have turned out as the worst. This account should also be a lesson to child predators thinking or doing such kinds of acts on innocent children. Your actions deserve a thorough punishment like what Michael Coghill got.