There are different opinions when it comes to owning a pit bull. Some people think they are too dangerous but Sasha the Pit Bull might just change your mind. When a fire broke out in the house next door to Sasha’s apartment building she was banging on the door to be let in. When her owner opened the door Sasha ran straight through the house and into the bedroom. When her owner realized what was going on she went in to get her baby. Lantana had no idea the Sasha had went to the bedroom to save the baby. What she found was Sasha pulling baby Masailah by the diaper out of bed and dragging her by her diaper to get her out of the house.

Because of Sasha, the owner Lantana, was able to get the baby and the dog out before flames engulfed her apartment. She had been sleeping and didn’t even know anything was wrong. If Sasha hadn’t banged on the door to get in she may not have known and it could have been much worse. They may not have made it out safe. Sasha and the baby were born around the same time so they were very close and spent a lot of time together. Luckily Pit Bulls are very loyal and will do anything for the people they are close to.

Lantana said she owed everything to Sasha. The fire took the neighbors house and their apartment building too, but everyone was okay. The fire department had finally gotten the fire put out. The owner probably never thought Sasha would go to such lengths to protect her baby but it is a good thing she did.

Pit Bulls get a bad name because some owners teach them to be mean. They put them in dog fights or they have them around to scare people off because they are breaking the law. They don’t feed them as much as they need, so that it makes them mean. Any dog can change if they are treated badly. Pit Bulls are very smart, loyal almost to a fault and they are great companions. There are many stories where this dog breed does heroic tasks but people only seem to talk about the ones that are mean because they are abused.

Wouldn’t you be mean if someone continually abused you. It is not the dogs fault that they cannot get away from the abuse, they just have to take it. If you treat a Pit Bull right, it will love and protect you. When the story hit Facebook, there were comments about how wonderful it is to see that people are getting to see just how wonderful Pit Bulls are. Many owners are getting tired of the bad wrap their dogs get. They feel it is the best dog breed. There are enough good stories that the opinion should change about owning a Pit Bull but I don’t think we are there yet. Maybe if everyone would share their story about their dog, other people would see just how loving they can be.