Nature has given us so many wonderful foods to eat. Over the years, we have discovered unique and delicious foods to satisfy our cravings. Though it is almost impossible to try every food around the world, we are always discovering new ones. One of the most recent fruit discovered is the Java Bananas. The java bananas are also known as the ice cream bananas due to the consistency and taste. Before they are ripe, the Java bananas have a blue layer of skin. People fell in love with the look of the new discovered banana. The baby blue skin is breathtaking. After the banana is ripe, it turns to a light shade of yellow. Another benefit of this new fruit is the taste. Many claim that the Java banana tastes just like vanilla ice cream. They are also said to be fluffier and creamier than the typical yellow bananas. That fact alone has everyone wanting to try the new fruit!

The Java banana can be known for many different names. The people from Fiji call it the Hawaiian banana. It is called Krie in the Filipinos, but the locals in central America call it Cenizo.

These bananas typically grow in South Asia. They can also grow in cold climates, but they do require the temperature to be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit in order to grow. And like most Bananas, the Java Banana is also good for your body. They contain a wide variety of potassium and other minerals. They are also low on fat, carbs, and calories.

You can use the Java Banana for several different ice cream, pies, and more recipes. They are good in aluminum foil, they can be boiled, fried, roasted, and frozen. There are several dishes that can be made with this delicious treat! And the best part is that they’re healthy and delicious! They are the perfect treat to add to a sundae due to the ice cream like taste and the soft texture.

The only downfall of this rare banana, is that you can’t purchase it just anywhere. Only very few selected retail stores carry the blue Java Bananas. On the brighter side of this fact, they are available online in certain places and stores. You can order them on Amazon and specific produce sights during the specific seasons.

Some people around the world thought the Java Banana was a hoax due to the rarity of it. Imagining a beautiful blue banana that tasted like vanilla ice cream seemed to good to be true, but they are very much true.

But if you really get obsessed with the Java banana fruit, you can even grow it yourself. This plant is sold in specific websites such as Amazon and Fast Growing Trees. You can purchase seeds or live plants. You must be willing to put in the work it takes to keep them healthy and flourishing. These bananas require what most plants do, fertilizer, water, and sunlight. You can eat Java Bananas anytime you want.