In an incident that has ignited a flurry of discussions across the nation, President Biden has come under fire for his abrupt departure from the East Room of the White House during a Medal of Honor ceremony honoring an 81-year-old Vietnam War veteran. Critics argue that his swift exit displayed a concerning lack of respect for the occasion, leaving many veterans and conservatives deeply disappointed.

This incident has raised questions about President Biden’s conduct during solemn events, particularly those involving military veterans who have served our country with honor and valor.

The ceremony was intended to pay tribute to retired Army Capt. Larry Taylor, who had displayed extraordinary bravery during a harrowing battle in June 1968 in Vietnam. Taylor, a distinguished helicopter pilot, risked his life for 45 minutes, making low-level attack runs and strafing the enemy with bullets and aerial rockets as they surrounded U.S. forces on the ground. In an unprecedented move, he used his two-man Cobra helicopter to extract the U.S. patrol group, all while enduring relentless enemy gunfire.

The Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military decoration, was awarded to Taylor in recognition of his remarkable courage and sacrifice. It is a symbol of the utmost honor and respect that our country can bestow upon a veteran.

However, the ceremony took a disheartening turn when President Biden, aged 80, hastily left the room after placing the medal around Taylor’s neck. He departed before Chaplain Brig. Gen. William Green Jr. could deliver the closing benediction. Military veterans and conservative figures alike were quick to voice their discontent.

One prominent voice of criticism came from former Navy SEAL and podcast host Shawn Ryan, who did not mince words, saying, “Pardon my French…But what a f—ing idiot. The continuous lack of respect Biden has for anyone is appalling. Hawaii, Service members, active shooter victims, the list goes on.” Ryan’s sentiments reflect the frustration felt by many who believe that President Biden has consistently shown a disregard for the traditions and values that our nation holds dear.

Representative Wesley Hunt (R-Texas), an Army veteran, couldn’t resist a jab at the President, remarking on X, formerly known as Twitter, “At least he didn’t check his watch this time.” This reference harks back to a previous incident when President Biden appeared to glance at his watch during a solemn ceremony for the 13 U.S. troops killed in an August 2021 terror attack near the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. Such actions have fueled concerns about the President’s demeanor during critical moments.

Some wondered whether President Biden’s abrupt departure was pre-planned or simply another instance of him appearing unsure of his surroundings and the appropriate protocol. Tim Harmsen, the Gun Owners of America state director for Indiana, pondered on Twitter, “Do you think this was done on purpose or just is it more senile moments? I think the guy is so self-absorbed he makes blunders like this. God this man is a massive embarrassment to our nation.”

Adding to the controversy, the White House’s official video of the ceremony conveniently cuts off just after President Biden leaves the East Room, conveniently omitting Chaplain Brig. Gen. William Green Jr.’s benediction. The White House has not issued an immediate response to inquiries from The Post, further fueling speculation about the incident.

In a nation where military service and sacrifice are deeply revered, the incident has struck a chord with many, raising questions about President Biden’s commitment to honoring our veterans and upholding the solemnity of such occasions.

As the controversy surrounding this incident continues to simmer, it underscores the importance of demonstrating respect and gratitude for our military heroes, whose sacrifices have allowed our nation to thrive. Veterans and their stories deserve nothing less than our unwavering respect, and the President’s conduct during events like these should reflect that fundamental principle.