B. Lynn Winmill, US District Judge for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled the state of Idaho provide and pay for Adree Edmo’s affirmation surgery because she suffers from gender dysphoria that resulted in attempts to castrate herself while incarcerated.

Judge Winmill also found that the “findings are well-supported” and prison officials ignored Edmo’s gender dysphoria violating the Eighth Amendment. Idaho’s Gov. Brad Little released a statement accusing the court of diverting public money away from high priorities such as safety and rehabilitation.

Governor Little also disagreed with tax dollars being used to pay for reassignment surgery, especially since Edmo is a convicted sex offender. Gov. Little went on by stating that several physicians and mental health professionals find the surgery to be unnecessary. Edmo is convicted of sexually abusing a teenage boy and received 10 years with no parole. The surgery can cost up to $30,000.