The Biden administration asked for help with the influx of migrants coming to the border. The situation is getting so bad that the U.S. President is pleading for volunteers. Thousands of migrants travel to the southern border on a daily occurrence. Most of them are families and individuals who are hoping to find a better life in America.

On Thursday, June 17, federal caretakers held 16,000 unaccompanied minors. They are determining how to reunite these children with their families and caretakers. The Customs and Border Protection agency is asking for those who can help with “volunteer deployments,” which means they will assist with the rising numbers of migrants at the border. The Federal Office of Personnel Management sent a letter asking other federal agencies to help bring “volunteer deployments” to help the CBP.

The work is said to last as long as 120 days. Since Biden’s presidency, there has been an increase of migrants traveling to the border. However, due to the surge, the facilities can no longer handle the large number of people hoping to cross the border. Now, the Office of Personnel Management is hoping that federal agencies will bring more volunteers.