Being invited to a wedding is always wonderful – now you have an enjoyable evening planned, and it’s most likely for a couple whose union you’re very excited about.

However, what if you received a letter with your invitation that said the venue has limited seating and can’t accommodate everyone who was originally invited? The wedding planners are asking guests to RSVP as soon as possible so they have an accurate headcount and know how many people they can invite from the waiting list.

A woman recently posted a picture of a letter she received with her wedding invitation from a friend. The letter explained that the guest list had to be divided into two groups due to space constraints – Group A and Group B/C.

If you were in Group A, that meant you were our first choice as a guest. However, if you replied no, someone from either group B or C could potentially take your place. “Please RSVP as soon as possible,” the couple wrote to members of Group A. “We appreciate your promptness as we will be able to extend any vacant seats to additional guests.”

If you’re in Group B or C, you aren’t even technically invited until someone from Group A chooses not to come. “Please keep a close watch on our wedding website for notice that we have space available,” the couple explained. “If you already know that you are unable to join us, it is helpful that you decline via the RSVP function on our website.”

The woman who posted the photo was in Group A, and she still couldn’t believe this was a real thing.

Not only did the note state that no children were allowed, but it also said that if you were a parent, you needed to find a babysitter. “If possible, we encourage our guests to hire a babysitter for the night and leave your children at home,” it stated. As much as we love your kids, we are doing our best to make space for all of the guests we can.”

In addition, this couple requested that their single friends do not bring a plus one.“We appreciate your understanding,” the note ends.

The nerve of some people! People couldn’t believe that real live humans had the decency to add this in with their wedding invites. Most people responded with some hilarious sarcasm:

“Attendance at our wedding is very busy right now but your attendance at our wedding is very important to us,” one person said.

“StubHub is down and I’m trying to scalp tickets to the singles table,” another added.

“I’d just send this response, ‘I opt out of this & all future correspondence. Thanks!’” another said.

If you received this letter with a wedding invite, what would you do?