Defining true love can be tough, and many wonder if it even exists. We live in an era of calculated affection, where divorce is unfortunately commonplace and single parenting becomes more popular by the day – a world that appears to have forgotten what genuine love looks like. Perhaps we will find it again someday soon; in the meantime, true love remains as magical as ever…a storybook tale!

A heart-wrenching image of an elderly couple, married for 77 years and still holding hands in bed just hours before the wife passed away has gone viral. Even those who didn’t believe in true love have been moved by this powerful example of devotion – some even finding hope to renew their own struggling marriages. This photo truly epitomizes what it means to be madly and deeply in love until your last breath!

The granddaughter of the elderly couple thought to be from San Francisco, proudly shared a photo on Reddit with an accompanying message that reads: “My Grandma 96, with my Grandpa, 100, hours before her death this weekend. 77 years of marriage. I know they are my grandparents. But this picture is seriously the saddest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen”.

The picture stirred up a wealth of feelings and stories from married people all across Reddit, with one user declaring that it had inspired him to make amends with his wife who he was previously in disagreement. Furthermore, TorchTheRed shared the following thought:

“Tonight we argued. It was the usual suspects: money, long hours working, who cares less about who’s feelings, I grabbed a blanket and headed for the lounge- after 24 years of marriage you kinda figure out that the sofa, the pooch for company and the evening apart from each other is a good way to cool hot heads.

Then I read this post, I put the kettle on, made my wife a cup of tea and woke her up, held her hand and told her that I love her. ”

NWBoomer continued: “when we were a young couple we often stated that we wanted to grow old together. A not uncommon sentiment between a couple when you are young as you think your youth and beauty will last forever. This image is what it truly means to grow old together.”

CramPacked, a Reddit user, commented on the photo that was released by the granddaughter of an elderly couple who passed away holding hands in their bed. He said: “It’s truly heartbreaking to witness such loss; however it is wonderful to see them together even at death. Holding hands with your beloved one while surrounded by the family must have been comforting and peaceful for them. My sincerest condolences go out to your grandfather who lost his lifelong companion.” May they both rest in peace and may God bless all those affected.

It is both astonishing and mentally taxing to realize that the granddaughter has received numerous hateful reactions to this powerful image. It’s mind-boggling how somebody could see such a beautiful, heartbreaking photo yet still compose disdainful words as a response.

“Till death do us part” and “happily ever after” can be seen in the sorrowful image of a Canadian couple who had no beds to share for their first separation in 62 years of marriage. Another pair that personified these classic vows were Jeanette Toczko and Alexander Toczko, whose love story spanned 75 resplendent years together since they fell head-over-heels for each other when just 8 years old.