After gaining international renown for her record-breaking lips, Andrea Ivanova has now set out to break the world record with the size of her cheekbones.

“I don’t like boring ordinary appearances and I am a fan of huge shapes and eccentric beauties,” the 25-year-old Bratz doll look-alike said.

The woman mentioned that she had already splurged over $1,900 on her most recent cheekbone venture and it looks like there’s still more to come.

In 2018, the plastic surgery enthusiast began her journey of becoming a living Barbie when she started to inject fillers into her lips.

“I’ve had four hyaluronic acid injections in my cheekbones so far, but I will undergo two more within the week,” stated Ivanova. “For the healing process, I need to avoid strong pressure on the face for up to three days afterward.”

“My aim is to model and gain significant enlargement of them, but of course, I still want bigger lips, too,” she added. “I will continue with more injections in [both] to make them even bigger.”

The plastic prodigy declared that she will finance the remainder of her cheek-lifting surgery with proceeds from Instagram, where she auctioned off “kisses for cash” to the highest bidder.

“For Christmas, I will have new procedures on my face. I will have new injections of hyaluronic acid in my lips, chin and cheekbones as a gift from me to myself for Christmas,” wrote Ivanova.

“I will make my lips even bigger as well as continue to my new goal and for the biggest chin,” she added. “I am planning a lot of new procedures on my face and a new breast augmentation with even bigger silicone implants.”

Ivanova stated that multiple clinics had denied her request to receive more injections, citing the potentially deadly risks if she were to proceed.

The fan of fillers enthusiastically shares that she had a breast augmentation procedure to switch from a 75C to an impressive 75E cup size.

With over 43 cosmetic treatments already, Ivanova has invested an astounding $18,000 to “enhance” her appearance. The lip injections she’s had cost a jaw-dropping $9,000 alone!

According to Ivanova, she has encountered a plethora of discouraging remarks on her voyage.

“I don’t worry about people’s comments, as I have my own taste and views on beauty – I follow them strictly,” said Ivanova.

“Each person should satisfy themselves without fearing or worrying about the opinion of others because the meaning of life is to be happy.”