In a candid revelation that sheds light on the behind-the-scenes tensions within the iconic country music duo Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley has opened up about the political and cultural rifts that contributed to the band’s breakup. Known for their chart-topping hits and redefining the contemporary country music scene since the early 2010s, the duo officially went their separate ways in 2022. Now, Kelley and his former bandmate Tyler Hubbard are pursuing different paths, but the reasons behind their split remain a hot topic of discussion.

Political polarization in America reached new heights during the last election, and it appears that this divide extended into the personal and professional relationship between Kelley and Hubbard. The tensions between the two became apparent when Hubbard, a vocal Biden supporter who performed at his inauguration, unfollowed Kelley on social media. Kelley, in contrast, is seemingly a Trump supporter. Hubbard’s decision to unfollow Kelley was driven by political disagreements, but he maintained that their personal bond remained intact. “I love you a lot more in real life than on your stories right now. That’s why I’m unfollowing you. Nothing personal. I still love you. You’re still my brother,” Hubbard explained in 2020.

One incident that reportedly “triggered” Hubbard was Kelley’s display of the American flag, a symbol that has, unfortunately, become a point of contention among progressives. Kelley recounted, “I think one of the things that triggered him was, you know, I had an American flag and another flag flying on a close friend’s post to about 12 people. In my driveway.”

Kelley’s frustration with the COVID-19 lockdowns and the apparent double standards in enforcement also played a role in the duo’s divergence. “I posted a couple things but I’m proud that I posted it. I said, ‘You know I’m not sure why we’re still locked down if there’s going to be, you know, big protests in the streets and big celebrations, but we can’t go do concerts?’ I don’t really understand that and I was backing the blue-collar hard workers,” Kelley expressed.

Emphasizing his connection to the everyday American, Kelley added, “The people that don’t have a voice. People that need that kind of backup support. People like my dad. The way that I grew up. You know what I’m saying. People that were out of business. Out of work. In a tough spot losing everything that they’d work for.”

In the wake of the Florida Georgia Line breakup, Kelley has shifted his focus to traditional values such as family and faith. Earlier this year, Fox News reported that Kelley is dedicating himself to these core principles. “At the end of the day, my Tennessee truth is that, you know, I’m no different than those that are going to be jamming this record. Like I mentioned, you know, we’re in the same headspace on what our values are and how we navigate our life through fishing, hunting, the love of our lives, of family time, you know, God. We love this country. And we’re hard workers,” he stated.

Brian Kelley’s journey reflects a broader sentiment among many Americans who feel disconnected from the mainstream narrative and are seeking solace in traditional values and community. As he embarks on this new chapter, Kelley’s commitment to his roots and his audience remains unwavering.

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