### Former Space Force Officer Speaks Out Against Woke DEI Initiatives in Military

Former United States Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, who was controversially relieved of his command in 2021 for criticizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, recently spoke to Fox News Channel guest host Joey Jones on “Fox and Friends Saturday.” Lohmeier discussed the pervasive woke ideology within the military, with a particular focus on the Air Force Academy.

Lohmeier’s outspoken stance against the military’s drift towards what he terms “cultural Marxism” led to his dismissal under the Biden Administration. In his pivotal book, “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military,” Lohmeier argues that DEI efforts are undermining the effectiveness and unity of the armed forces.

In his conversation with Jones, Lohmeier revealed the personal and professional repercussions he faced for his views. He lost his pension and faced severe backlash for criticizing the DEI initiatives. Highlighting the troubling developments at the Air Force Academy, he noted, “The Academy now has diversity and inclusion cadet officers who report to a separate chain of command, distinct from the military hierarchy.”

Jones referenced a study from Arizona State University, which found that military academies are encouraging cadets to report peers who engage in private conversations that challenge DEI principles. Lohmeier confirmed experiencing similar Orwellian thought policing during his service. “A fellow commander warned me about my political views and threatened to report me if I continued to privately criticize our DEI initiatives,” he recounted.

Lohmeier lamented that the problem has escalated since his tenure. “This issue has grown far beyond what I experienced, affecting both individuals who want to avoid DEI complications and those dealing with the professional fallout within the military,” he said.

Drawing a stark comparison, Lohmeier likened the DEI officers at the Air Force Academy to Soviet political commissars. “These cadets, with their distinctive purple braided ropes, report to a separate chain of command, reminiscent of Soviet commissars embedded to ensure ideological purity,” he asserted.

The former Space Force officer also criticized the military’s pressure on service members to conform to DEI doctrines. “Unfortunately, it’s been deemed politically partisan to oppose DEI initiatives. I wasn’t interested in partisanship while serving, but senior leaders, especially under the current administration, treated my criticism as partisan, and I was held accountable for speaking out,” Lohmeier explained.

Lohmeier’s insights resonate with many who are concerned about the direction in which the military is heading. His experiences highlight the broader issue of ideological enforcement within institutions meant to safeguard national security. As Lohmeier and others continue to voice their concerns, the debate over DEI initiatives in the military is likely to intensify.

In conclusion, Lohmeier’s brave stance against the imposition of woke ideology in the military serves as a crucial warning. His experiences underline the need for a balanced approach that prioritizes merit, unity, and effectiveness over divisive ideological mandates. The conversation about the role of DEI in the military is far from over, and voices like Lohmeier’s are essential in ensuring that the armed forces remain focused on their primary mission: defending the nation.