Wheel of Fortune viewers were left in shock and disbelief as the puzzle creators presented a controversial solution that ignited a wave of mixed emotions. While the contestant, Adam Goodell, triumphantly pocketed a substantial sum of $2,450 within a matter of minutes, the nature of the solution triggered both fits of laughter and genuine outrage among the audience. Goodell’s successful puzzle-solving granted him access to the coveted bonus round, but it was the answer itself that left viewers astounded. Considering the show’s reputation as America’s beloved family game show, the puzzle’s risqué undertones seemed entirely out of place.

So, what was the solution that caused such a stir? Goodell confidently revealed the correct answer: “brushing up on my Italian sausage.” As the category was revealed to be “before and after,” the solution cleverly merged two phrases by utilizing the word “Italian.” The phrases in question were “brushing up on my Italian” and “Italian sausage.” However, despite the puzzle’s technical brilliance, many Wheel of Fortune enthusiasts found the solution inappropriate given the show’s intended family-friendly atmosphere.

Twitter erupted with reactions from countless fans who were quick to share their shock and amusement. The controversial puzzle aired during the February 2020 season, with some labeling it “kinky” while others found it undeniably “hilarious.”

One Twitter user shared a screenshot of the solution, expressing their uncertainty with the caption: “Yeah, I don’t know about this one. #wheeloffortune #ohvannapickmealetter.”

Another avid Wheel Watcher wrote, “I found the ‘Brushing up on my Italian sausage’ puzzle on #WheelofFortune tonight hilarious for some reason!”

A fan of the show humorously questioned, “Bruh, what intern must have made the puzzle ‘brushing up on my Italian sausage’? I’m dead.”

Numerous individuals found the risqué Wheel of Fortune puzzle undeniably hilarious, taking to social media to share their reactions.

“‘Brushing up on my Italian sausage’ may be one of the most lurid-sounding #WheelofFortune puzzles ever,” read another tweet.

“So apparently, the solution to a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune yesterday was ‘Brushing Up On My Italian Sausage’…and I think the jokes write themselves,” shared another game show enthusiast on Twitter.

Expressing concern, another Wheel of Fortune fan remarked, “That doesn’t sound right.” They raise a valid point, particularly for a family-friendly program like America’s Game.

Even host Pat Sajak couldn’t resist teasing the puzzle’s solution. After Goodell successfully solved the puzzle during the February 2020 episode, Sajak playfully quipped, “Uh… it’s a grilling expression.”

For forty seasons, Wheel of Fortune has captivated American audiences with Pat Sajak and Vanna White at the helm. The show continues to be a beloved staple for American families, enriching the lives of contestants who leave with substantial winnings. Unlike Jeopardy, where second and third-place contestants receive a mere two thousand and one thousand dollars, respectively, Wheel of Fortune participants depart with every penny they earn while playing the game.