Experience the captivating tale of a bartender who stood up for what he believed in, capturing the attention of millions worldwide. Jordan, an extraordinary bartender hailing from Rockford, Illinois, recently found himself in the spotlight after sharing a remarkable video on the renowned social media platform TikTok. The clip, originating from the Chinese-created app, quickly went viral, amassing over four million views and counting.

Jordan, known by his TikTok handle @jsauce527, regularly treats his seventeen thousand followers to a vibrant array of videos. With an irresistible blend of lively dances and side-splitting impersonations of famous individuals and those in his personal life, he keeps his audience entertained and engaged.

However, it was one particular TikTok video that thrust Jordan into the limelight. In this viral masterpiece, we witness the bartender’s frustration reach its peak as he confronts customers who fail to meet his tipping expectations. As the clock strikes 2 am, Jordan’s desire to conclude his shift and head home is met with resistance from patrons who disregard his reasonable request for a minimum forty percent tip on their drink orders. To make matters worse, some customers lingered in the bar without engaging with the establishment’s hardworking staff.

In an exasperated outburst captured in the video, the fiery bartender emphatically declares, “If you’re not fg the bartenders or tipping forty percent, get the f out of the bar. It is two o’clock, and I’m ready to go the f* home.”

With a firm resolve, Jordan reinforces his message with a resounding “Get out!”

The impact of Jordan’s video was nothing short of astonishing, igniting a firestorm of global reactions. While many found the bartender’s boldness amusing, appreciating his witty take on dating bartenders and the forty percent tipping expectation, others felt outrage at such a steep demand from customers seeking to enjoy a late-night experience.

As one commenter expressed, “Everyone saying forty percent is ridiculous; that’s the point. They want you to leave.”

Another concurred, shedding light on the struggles faced by bars and restaurants during closing hours, stating, “In many establishments, when closing time nears, profits dwindle, and workers may not receive overtime pay. They just want to go home.”

On the other hand, some embraced the bartender’s unconventional approach, finding joy and amusement in his actions. A supporter enthusiastically shared, “You all did not pass the vibe check. This is hilarious and fun! I’d be tipping more before I left. Though I no longer partake, you all seem like a blast!”

Nonetheless, the demand for a substantial tip left many customers disconcerted, leading them to question the fairness of such expectations. “I’d leave no tip after that,” one person boldly expressed in the TikTok comments section.

Another confidently stated, “I wouldn’t leave a tip after that, and there would be absolutely no consequences because it’s my money.”

Expressing their discontent, a third individual added, “I thought twenty percent was good enough, but now forty percent? And to be yelled at and complained to?”

Opinions continued to pour in, with one voice of dissent stating, “Never tip someone for simply doing their job.”

A fifth participant chimed in, reminiscing about similar experiences, “I remember those days, yelling at everyone.”

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