In a candid and heartfelt revelation on a recent podcast episode of On Purpose With Jay Shetty, renowned celebrity mom Kim Kardashian, 42, expressed the emotional turmoil she faces as a single mother raising her four children. The star, famously known for “breaking the internet” years ago, bared her soul, highlighting the difficulties she encounters in her newfound role as she navigates the complexities of solo parenting.

Kardashian shares her four children, North (nine), Saint (seven), Chicago (five), and Psalm (four), with her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West. With West pursuing his endeavors from his new abode in the wild west of Wyoming, Kardashian finds herself shouldering the majority of the parenting responsibilities without a partner by her side.

During her appearance on the podcast, a preview of which People obtained, the television personality, who rose to fame through a sex tape and subsequent reality show with her family, was asked about her vision of parenting versus the reality of raising four children as a single mother.

Reflecting on her journey, Kardashian shared, “Everyone says the days are long and the years are short, and that couldn’t be a truer statement.”

Furthermore, Kardashian acknowledged the immense challenges she faces as the sole parent, even with the support of numerous nannies and other helpers. She confessed, “Raising four children alone is incredibly difficult, despite having help from various nannies and assistants.”

Describing the chaos of her daily routine, Kardashian continued, “When you’re in the midst of it, especially with babies and all the madness that ensues, it’s like full-on mayhem. It’s beautifully chaotic. In the mornings, you have no idea what’s happening. I’m always doing one daughter’s hair, making sure it’s perfect and just the way she likes it.”

The reality star and influential social media figure added, “And then one of them needs help with their shoes, and they all need you simultaneously. It’s absolute madness—cooking, running around—it’s a wild ride. That’s why I need my morning workout to prepare for those two hours of craziness.”

Parenting has proven to be an incredibly challenging journey for Kardashian, who admitted, “I would say that parenting has been the most enlightening experience for me. It has pushed me to my limits. There are nights where I find myself in tears, wondering, ‘What just happened?’ With all the different moods, personalities, and occasional sibling fights.”

She further shared, “There’s no one else to step in. It’s up to me to play the roles of the good cop and the bad cop. It’s definitely a challenge, and I’m actively working on being firmer when needed.”

Discussing the demands of being a busy parent, Kardashian emphasized, “Nothing can truly prepare you for the journey. Anyone who says, ‘Oh, we’ll wait until we have a certain amount of money saved up’ or ‘Oh, we’ll wait until we have a house’—you’re never fully prepared.”

The question of whether Kim Kardashian is a good mother is open to interpretation and personal opinion.