The family of five, including their furry friend, posed on a hanging bench in beautiful weather. They were all smiles, enjoying the unseasonably warm temperature that allowed them to wear tank tops and t-shirts. The photo is a sweet moment that the parents and their children will never want to forget, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see something extremely creepy.

The thing we’re talking about is truly creepy, and if you’ve seen it too then you know exactly what I’m referring to. In the image of the family on the swinging bench, there’s something on the left arm of the girl that doesn’t belong there. Just looking at it probably gave you goosebumps.

The photo, captured on the bench, displays the family with their arms around each other in various stages of loving embraces. The girl on the far left seems to be the only one with an attachable hand. Everyone else’s hands are in their laps or holding onto something.

Mom could not reach around the girls to put her hand on their arms because she was holding the newest member of the family – a beautiful baby child who had a hat on its head. Dad didn’t extend his arm enough to touch the girl. His forearm is visible on the back of the bench, next to mom and above the eldest daughter’s headrest.

The family in the photo hasn’t been identified yet, so we don’t know who the extra hand could belong to. Even though it doesn’t look like it belongs to anyone in the photo, that doesn’t mean somebody else wasn’t standing just outside of the frame and reaching their hand in to touch the girl’s arm.

Maybe the hand doesn’t belong to a person. Maybe it belongs to something else entirely… Like a ghost hand that has come from the depths of hell. Or maybe it is just a disembodied hand, like in the Addams family.

The photo quickly spread across social media, as users were dying to know whose hand was gripping the child’s arm on the left. You think you know who it is, but could that just be because of a Photoshop error? That’s entirely possible given how frequently people use Photoshop to make themselves look different than they actually do on camera.

This family photo is bound to give people the creeps, no matter what the answer is.

In your opinion, whose hand do you think is pictured?