Bruce Willis has proven that some in Hollywood do follow their words with actions after he had expressed a heartfelt appreciated to the team of firefighters who faced the Battle Creek wildfire in 2015, a state in which Willis owns some property.

Willis arranged to have a catered lunch prepared for those who had been tending to the blaze and even set up a means for drinks and other snacks to be provided to those battling other fires.

He stated that he and other Idaho residents were grateful to all involved, and acknowledged that their efforts were at significant risk to life and personal safety. His statement ensured that all concerned were mentioned, from the firefighters to those bringing water in helicopters, to those piloting the planes carrying those who were able to help. He further expressed that the men and women were heroic and that the words necessary to adequately show appreciation were not enough.

Bruce Willis is showing with actions how our appreciations and thanks should be conveyed. That when we are genuinely thankful for someone, or something, we should extend appreciation.

He did not have to be as elaborate as he was, although I am sure every firefighter and responder in attendance was extremely grateful. He truly went beyond his call of duty and left those who had been working tirelessly to ensure that the needs and safety of others always came first were thanked for that dedication.

The rest of Hollywood, as well as the rest of us, can learn a lot from this act of generosity and thankfulness.