Warren is a baby rhinoceros who is being raised by attentive humans at the Wild Africa Wildlife Center.

He has the freedom to roam the grounds as he grows and gains strength, and he loves racing his caretakers and their dogs. Though he is far from full-grown, his size and strength already make the dogs a little nervous.

However, he shows no inclination toward violence. Instead, he is simply focused on the joy of running. Warren is one of many rhinos being cared for at this South African wildlife refuge. As a sanctuary, it features a revolving array of animals that are cared for by volunteers and medical professionals and rehabilitated until the point when they can be released into the wild.

The primary focus is on rhinos, so there are always a fair number of these horned creatures on the grounds. Beyond that, various types of big cats can usually be found at the refuge, as well as many other African animals, from hippos to monkeys.

Sadly, poaching continues to be a major problem in South Africa, and many of the animals who come to the refuge have injuries resulting from a close encounter with humans.

The center is always looking for volunteers, who can be sure of a life-changing experience that will allow them to truly make a difference.

Thanks to the willingness of people to put their lives on hold in order to help, innocent animals like Warren are able to have a new lease on life.