Tonight King Charles’ Coronation Concert, a 13-year-old blind and autistic pianist named Lucy Illingworth performed, leaving tens of thousands of spectators speechless with her stunning performance.

The pianist, who is under the Amber Trust patronage of Queen Camilla, has been selected to perform at a concert to be held in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The teenager’s performance of Bach’s Prelude in C Major earned smiles and applause from the Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte. The newly crowned King and Queen were left speechless.

Candice Illingworth, the mother of the talented girl, was sitting next to her daughter with a beaming expression, feeling proud as her daughter impressed the crowd.

Just months after winning the Piano, Lucy, a blind musician, wowed the audience with a stunning performance.

The youngster from West Yorkshire who performed at the concert received a lot of praise from social media viewers who were watching at home. Some were even moved to tears.

Despite being born with cancerous tumors in her eyes and being largely non-verbal, Lucy left the crowd of 20,000 people at Windsor Castle stunned with her moving performance, which was equally appreciated by those watching from home.

One person wrote: ‘The Coronation Concert is incredibly emotional – amazing performances by Lucy and the Romeo and Juliet ensemble.’

Another said: ‘Wow Lucy – you had me in tears. What a wonderful talent and a beautiful young lady. Bravo!’

Someone else said: ‘Lucy Illingworth, you are astonishing.’

This evening, there was a celebration at the King’s palace which promised to feature global music icons and contemporary stars. The pianist was among the many notable performances at the event.

At the event, Nicole Scherzinger performed a well-known Disney song, Olly Murs showcased his dancing skills, and Steve Winwood entertained a large audience who cheered for him.

The King and Queen were joined by their family at Westminster Abbey for their Coronation ceremony. They watched a spectacular show hosted by Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey.

Earlier this year, Lucy gained popularity for her participation in the Channel 4 show called The Piano. This show aims to discover the most talented amateur pianists in the country and allows them to perform in front of judges.

In the series finale, she performed Debussy’s Arabesque flawlessly which led to her fame and captured the hearts of the entire nation.

One of the judges, classical pianist Lang Lang, referred to her as a ‘genius’, and pop star Mika commented that her performance was the ‘best of the night’.

Lucy uses music as a means of communication due to her global developmental delay, which makes it difficult for her to have conversations.

The teenager has a duplication of chromosome 16, which results in traits associated with autism, as well as developmental delay and intellectual disability.

After her daughter’s win on the show, Candice said ‘I always knew she would be on a big stage one night.

‘I said to the producers, “You have seen in my daughter what I have seen for years”.’

In the series finale, her perfect performance of Debussy’s Arabesque made her famous and won the affection of the entire nation.

During the event, the judges praised her performance. Specifically, Classical pianist Lang Lang referred to her as a ‘genius’, while pop star Mika declared it the ‘performance of the evening’.

Lucy uses music as a means of communication because she has global developmental delay and finds it difficult to hold a conversation.

The teenager experiences autism traits, developmental delay, and intellectual disability due to a duplication of chromosome 16.