The ex-wife of a prominent judge in Virginia, Eleanor Hunton Hoppe, was arrested at a hotel for allegedly planning to sexually assault an eight-year-old girl. Now that this information is public, the judge wants to obtain full custody of his two daughters. Fortunately, the FBI started monitoring Hoppe’s online behavior and caught her in a trap. She had been communicating with an undercover agent, who posed as an underage child, and the intentions that this 45-year-old well-to-do mother had were appalling.

The woman who is a mother of two has been charged with two serious offenses – child porn and child sex abuse. She reportedly sent a video of 30 seconds and three still images of underage girls, being sexually assaulted and abused by adult men.

The community of Charlottesville is surprised to learn that Eleanor Hunton Hoppe, a prominent member, has been identified as a child sexual predator who has been targeting victims for some time now. Hoppe comes from a family of legal professionals who were instrumental in founding Richmond’s largest law firm, now known as Hunton, Andrews, Kurth.

Hoppe, who had close connections to children and children’s organizations in her community, was revealed as a child predator following an FBI sting. She worked with young students from the University of Virginia and was a member of the local Episcopal church in Charlottesville, where she had close contact with underage children.

Hunton Hoppe is currently in custody in Washington, D.C. She is facing three federal charges which include distributing child pornography, enticement of a minor, and attempting to transport a minor with the intention of engaging in sexual activity. If convicted, she could be sentenced to life in prison.

Federal judge Joel Hoppe is seeking custody of his two daughters, aged ten and twelve, following the arrest of his ex-wife. He has referred to the serious accusations made against Hunton Hoppe during the custody hearings.

During the FBI’s investigation into child pornography, Hunton Hoppe admitted to an undercover agent that she was a mother of two and wanted to discuss “taboo parenting” with someone. The undercover agent claimed to be the father of a young girl, and Hunton Hoppe provided him with a social media account where they could send encrypted messages.

Starting from February 23, 2023, Hunton Hoppe reached out to an FBI agent through her account “tori4fun” on a secretive social media platform. During their communication, Hunton Hoppe disclosed that she resided in Charlottesville.

Hunton Hoppe inquired the undercover agent on February 27, 2023, about the manner in which he abused his daughter. “What do you think your next step will be?” She explained that she would like to accompany the man to Washington to abuse his daughter with him.

Afterward, she sent a 30-second video of an underage girl. The FBI complaint reads: “The small female, who appears to be a minor, can only be seen from behind, and she is nude from the waist down.”