Regretfully, the beloved ‘Piano Man’, Billy Joel has had to delay his upcoming Madison Square Garden performance set for December 19th due to illness. His monthly residency at The Garden titled “Billy Joel at The Garden” has been a brilliant success since its introduction in 2014 and he remarked that it would continue so long as there was continued enthusiasm from fans.

On his verified Facebook page, Joel made a statement to express the news to his fans, writing, “I’m disappointed to share that I’m under doctor’s orders for vocal rest due to a viral infection so unfortunately, I must postpone my Monday, December 19th concert at Madison Square Garden to June. I’m so sorry to let you know so close to show day, but I was hoping to be closer to a full recovery by now. Sadly, that hasn’t happened. ”

The singer profusely apologized for the unforeseen postponement and eagerly anticipated seeing fans in the upcoming year with an exclamation of, “I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.”

No matter your age or health condition, virus infections can have a major impact on you— from the common cold to influenza and even COVID-19. Symptoms of these viral illnesses range in severity, but often include fever, coughing, aches throughout the body, exhaustion and breathlessness. Identifying when something isn’t quite right could help prevent further complications down the line.

It is a must for those encountering these indications to get prompt medical attention and obey their healthcare professional’s directions so that they can make a full recovery.

To ensure optimal vocal health and fast healing, it is essential for individuals to practice vocal rest. This can mean refraining from talking or singing altogether, which can be incredibly difficult – particularly for working singers. Oftentimes this necessitates the postponement of concerts and other performances.

As we all sadly prepare to wait until 2023 for the postponed Billy Joel concert, it is essential that he takes and follows his healthcare provider’s guidance in order to guarantee a full recovery. Even with the disappointment of delaying our favorite artist’s performance, we can still look forward to seeing him take stage again soon!