Are you hoping to go viral on TikTok? Have you considered the thought of gaining millions of followers by using Instagram or Elon Musk’s Twitter as another platform? Would you speak candidly in front of a camera and express your true feelings, or share what meal was consumed for lunchtime and when was the last time going to use the restroom occurred? Similar to this woman, would filming yourself licking a toilet seat aboard an airplane be necessary just because that’s what social media experts from content creators nowadays if they want their videos to become trending material?

After being released on social media, the video spread like a rampant fire. Regrettably, it sparked some controversy which caused its content creator to remove it from their website; yet, someone uploaded an identical version of the video onto YouTube where people globally continue to be intrigued by it.

At the beginning of the video, an endearing young woman is seen perched on the airplane bathroom floor. On the video, the text reads: “Lickin’ the airplane toilet because I’m gross like that.”

Subsequently, the young woman dragged her tongue along the toilet seat from one end to the other. Rather than concluding, she licks the bottom of the toilet seat with a thoroughness that went all across its length.

After the content creator finished licking the toilet, she gazed at the camera with a tantalizing look, clearly attempting to stir excitement for her unusual video.

The Aviation, Travel #Hub channel quickly jumped to upload the strange video to YouTube once they learned of the incident while the content creator was in transit across the globe. Although we are uncertain of the identity of the individual who licked a toilet seat, one thing is certain – she was an adult craving notoriety on TikTok.

With its Chinese origin, many fear that TikTok has been infiltrated by the Chinese government as a way to spy on millions of Americans through their daily viewing habits. Some even worry about potential privacy breaches due to this access – making people question what is really being seen and monitored behind the app’s scenes. Although yet to be substantiated, it’s only logical that the Chinese are collecting data on American consumer trends as they utilize TikTok internationally. From this platform, they can gain a better understanding of how Americans interact with content and its creators worldwide.

The young woman’s quest for TikTok stardom was not worth the price she paid – worldwide criticism. With countless individuals struggling to make ends meet, her foolish decision to film herself licking a toilet seat on an airplane is being condemned by many. In addition, this type of behavior sets a terrible example for aspiring social media stars who may mistakenly believe that similar acts will lead them to fame and fortune.