As the 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton was revered for all the right reasons during his successive terms that spanned from 1993 to 2001. He successfully moved the economy into a very profitable state and became one of the most beloved presidents in history. Of course, he fell to a notable scandal involving Monica Lewinsky that ultimately led to his impeachment, however, Clinton was unshakable and never actually resigned from office or allowed his sexual exploits to deter from his management of the United States. But then again, there was the whole Jeffrey Epstein main topic of horrible interest that became from and center news, pushing Bill Clinton back into the spotlight, several years after his presidency was over and his humanitarian work had begun. Besides presiding over the longest era of peacetime economic expansion in American history, and being the third-youngest president of the Baby Boomer generation, Bill Clinton was a notorious womanizer along with the likes of the Kennedy brothers.

Recently, a photo of Clinton has emerged and it’s not something Hillary or his daughter Chelsea would welcome into their current lives. It’s no secret throughout the media and political circles that Bill Clinton was a friend of the sexual predator, Jeffrey Epstein. Although Epstein is no longer alive, as his body was mysteriously found dead in his jail cell a few years ago following his conviction of sexual crimes, there is a list of who’s who that continues to plague the higher-ups in royalty, in tech, and in politics. The photo in question shows Bill Clinton receiving a massage from one of Epstein’s young victims. He himself has a propensity towards ‘befriending’ the younger female generation, and every person he invited to his island compound or New York swanky mansion, or to his Florida mansion became another notch on Epstein’s gross misconduct belt. It’s safe to say that the public will never know the full story now that Epstein is dead, however with revealing photos continuing to pour in by his victims, the public can surmise what truly took place at his many homes and who was involved in playing around with the young women.

When Clinton was 56 years old, and from the looks of his face during the massage, it’s clear that he was feeling the pleasure of receiving a rubdown from one of the child rapist’s victims. Epstein was a billionaire and prided himself on those he knew in high places, especially former presidents, a Prince of England, and even the former recent president, Donald Trump. But it was this photo of Bill Clinton, with his hands around a very young girl and also receiving a neck massage from this same child that has caused a major ruckus again for the former beloved president. The victim was only 22 years old at the time the photo was taken and it’s apparent this incident may have scarred the young girl for life. Because the massage took place on a cross country flight on Epstein’s private jet from his home to Africa, Bill Clinton was complaining about a sore neck, and Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell sprung into action by eliciting the young girl to help Clinton out. Little did anyone know, this was an actual humanitarian trip for Clinton and not something he wanted to be publicized as a negligent and sexual occurrence with a minor in any way. However, although the victim claimed that Clinton was a ‘perfect gentleman’ during the neck massage, she was subsequently raped by Epstein multiple times. The photo does speak volumes about Clinton’s involvement with Epstein, yet the victim Chauntae Davis–to this day–believes that the 42nd president did nothing wrong during the entire massage.