Crossing the southern borders into the United States of America from Mexico with the hopes of gaining asylum has become difficult for immigrants because of an armed civilian group called The United Constitutional Patriots. The group consists of 300 people who are quite interested in upholding the United States Constitution. The organization called American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) who is responsible for defending the constitution believes the United Constitutional Patriots are terrorizing immigrants and suggests the group should be investigated. In the Sunland Park area of New Mexico, it is alleged the group held nearly 300 immigrants hostage. The group insists they have not done anything outside the lines of the law; instead, the United Constitutional Patriots believe they have stopped immigrants from illegally crossing into the United States. One member of the militia group sees immigrants crossing the border as a never-ending invasion. It is believed hundreds of immigrants cross the border illegally. The Constitutional Patriots have gone as far as to stalk and seek out immigrants attempting to gain entry to the United States illegally.

The militia group not only utilizes their second amendment rights to detain immigrants but the United Constitutional Patriots utilize FaceBook to live stream their interaction with immigrants. The live stream shows how immigrant families with children were being detained with weapons. The live stream also takes place with the United States Border Patrol present. Group members feel they are within the law with their actions; however, there are many other people who do not believe the United Constitutional Patriots are acting within the law. The people who stand against the United Constitutional Patriots believe the group is a vigilante group, and it has led the New Mexico ACLU to contact Governor of New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas. Jim Benvie also has been responsible for uploading video footage and photographs that depict the group’s unlawful arrest and detainment of immigrants.

There are plenty of people who sides with the belief that the United Constitutional Patriot has no authority in New Mexico to detain or hold immigrants against their will. Immigrants cross the border to escape Central America’s bad conditions, but they were not expected to be met with a militia and be held at gunpoint. Children were among the immigrants who were held at gunpoint. This does not help the case of the militia if the Governor or Attorney General decides to launch an investigation. Federal law does not allow the group to detain immigrants. There is no state legislation that allows the militia to search for immigrants. Many people can be found for and against the United Constitutional Patriots are the group justified in taking actions to protect borders.