What lengths would you go to in order to stay close to your best friends? Lets take a look at how four couples, all best friends, decided to stay close, retire and grow old together. This is how they solved the problem of how far apart they lived from one another.

After several discussions between the group of friends, they knew one thing was for sure, they wanted to be together till the end. They wanted to enjoy their retirement together and be there to support each other as they grew older. The couples settled on a plan; build their own, eco-friendly little town made up of tiny homes. They then contacted an amazing architect by the name of Matt Garcia. He was happy to listen to their ideas and to make their dream of a tiny little town of their own come true.

The plan was to place the little tiny house town just outside of Austin, Texas near the Llano River. At the cost of $40,000 for each couple, a tiny cabin will be built for each of them and all the homes will be placed closed to one another so that one day, this group of best friends can retire and live together in their tiny house town. Garcia developed an amazing plan for the construction of the tiny homes. He wanted them to be strong on the outside so that was constructed with metal. On the inside he wanted them to be cozy and warm so he chose material that will give each home these features.

The location of the tiny town also played a part in how the homes were built. Due to the fact that Texas is often affected by drought, the region often has a very limited supply when it comes to water. The roofs of the tiny homes are slanted so they have the ability to collect about 50,000 gallons of rainwater that is then set into large barrels that will help to irrigate the town. Made with insulated windows and reflective walls, the cabins will stay warm at night and will be cooler during those summer days. The tiny homes will also get a ton of light coming in through all the windows each home has.

Are you curious about how they will cook and what about guest when they come to visit? Garcia has that covered too! He has planned a communal kitchen that is about 1500 square feet and filled with large, full size stainless steel appliances. This will make for each cooking and lots of great meals spent together. The guest room is amazing! It features comfortable bunk beds and the porch has a huge solid wood picnic tables. Not to mention the views are breathtaking. Each home will have an amazing view but they were carefully placed so none of the homes block their neighbors view.

According to Jodi Zipp, he feels the homes are amazing and magical. He feels like he is living at Disney World. Surrounded by lots of birds, hares, deer and bobcats, its like being Snow White. Garcia still needs just a little more time to finish off the project and the friends couldnt be more excited and they should be. Who wouldnt want to live in a peaceful place surrounded by nature and all your best friends?