If you have heard of Steve Harvey, then you know about his wide array of talents that have warranted him a reputation for being the multifaceted public personality that he is today. Over the years, he has made his name and dominated industries as an actor, host, producer, comedian, radio personality and more. He is best known today for his advice on relationships, dating and raising children, which he discusses on both his radio and television shows.

Steve Harvey has been married three times, and is so today with seven children, three of which are stepchildren through his marriage to Marjorie Elaine Harvey. The two have been married since 2007, and they have found themselves loved by the public for their strong family values as well as their openness when discussing topics and opinions related to family. Theirs isn’t off the table and they maintain a level of transparency that has brought their fans to love them as a couple and as individuals.

Recently, Marjorie Harvey was invited as a guest-host on her husband’s TV show “The Steve Harvey Show” for Mother’s Day where she was under the impression that she would be helping him honor and pay tribute to some of the mothers that would be coming on the show. She was elated and had absolutely no idea what surprise was coming her way. While onstage, Steve confesses to Marjorie that she isn’t really there for the reason she thinks.

Steve Harvey goes on to confess that he actually brought Marjorie on the show to honor her for Mother’s Day! This revelation was met with a cheerful roar from the crowd and Marjorie almost immediately began tearing up saying, “Don’t make me cry.” Steve went on explaining how his love for her began to bud the second he laid eyes on her at the comedy club where they met, saying that he remembers telling her, “I’m gonna marry you one day.”

Steve then began to explain the trials and tribulations of his life, and the relationships that he failed to save leading up to his thriving marriage with Marjorie. They reminisced on the dark place he had found himself in right before he met Marjorie where he couldn’t bring himself to find joy in things that once brought him so much happiness. Then she found him and brought light to the lives of both him and his children, and he is forever grateful for her genuine spirit.

He said these words to her and did all of these things in front of the world to show that, though we may experience hardships along the road when we are discovering who we are and who we are meant to be with, there is someone out there to love everyone. Mother’s Day is a day where we show our appreciation for the women in our lives who work to bring joy to every life they touch, especially the lives that are entangled with theirs. Steve Harvey showed his love for Marjorie as a wife and mother in the most remarkable way; by professing his both his love and his gratefulness.