According to reports, Barbara Walters is suffering from advanced dementia and spends most of her time confined to her bed in her New York City apartment. The 93-year-old TV icon has not been seen in public since 2016, and family and friends are concerned that the end is near.

A source close to the family shared the news:

“Barbara suffers from exhaustion and fatigue, as well as anxiety and agitation. She’s very frail and spends a great deal of the day napping.”

The source added:

“Barbara is fading a little more every day. She’s close to the end and her team is scrambling to manage affairs just the way Barbara would want them. Sadly, her dementia has been getting worse. [Her] caretaker give her the opportunity to make everyday decisions, but more often than not she’ll stare at them blankly.”

A trusted source told us that the only time Walters is fully attentive is when he’s watching news on TV. “When the news comes on, Barbra gets extremely agitated because she’s convinced, she’s supposed to be there reporting the stories!”

According to another source, the famous news anchor “…is just a shadow of her herself. She often doesn’t remember what day it is, or who her famous friends and former colleagues are.”

Please keep Barbara and her loved ones in your thoughts as they go through this trying period.